How to convince the girl not to leave

How to convince the girl not to leave

The mutual love is a huge value which should in every way trying to be kept. If your girl had a desire to break off your relations, but you feel that she is dear to you, and still hope for the joint happy future, try to overpersuade the lady.

Informal conversation

Take an interest that became the reason of similar desire at the girl. Often partners try not to make each other remarks because of trifles, however similar discontent collect and can lead to a gap as a result. Who knows, suddenly your ladylove was tired to contemplate every morning an open tube of toothpaste, to wipe circles from a coffee mug from a coffee table or to listen as you sing by a false voice in soul the same song. At first sight, such things should not lead to parting, but if they cause irritation for months, as a result unpleasant emotions find a way out in the form of a large quarrel and thoughts of the termination of the relations. But it is easy to find a way out of this situation – just get used to clean up and sing in soul when you one in the apartment.

Of course, the reasons of leaving can be also more serious. Perhaps, your darling wants that you were more responsible, more energetic, got active living position and fell in love with her cat. You should solve whether you are ready to change for the sake of the girl, or to you will be more comfortable to find that which will be need you. If you choose the first option – report about it to your half, ask it to give you a chance, and keep the promise.

Return to a rose and candy stage

As a rule, the beginning of the relations is wonderful time when lovers try to spend each free minute with each other, do surprises and give gifts. Then the relations become quieter, flowers and pleasant surprises occur less often. But they should not disappear. If your joint life turned into a routine, and the girl is ready to go for search of the new relations, show it that you remained the same romantic. You give it flowers, surprise her, show new places. It will stir up the dying-away feelings.

Absolutely seriously

Also the fact that the girl is ready for the serious relations can be the cause of a gap, and you do not hurry to take this responsible step. However if you want to keep the love, you should decide. It is not obligatory to give at once a treasured ring, but let know to your half that you want to be near it further. Talk about yours joint plans for the future more often, suggest to begin to live together, do joint purchases, get a pet, share your reflections about that how many children you would like to have. When the girl understands that you do not regard your novel as short-term communication, it will return to you.

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