How to convince the husband

How to convince the husband

If in your marriage of a quarrel and the conflicts the frequent phenomenon, then it can negatively affect very relationship with the husband and even to become the cause of a divorce. But there is a way to change a situation – every time when another quarrel approaches, try to convince the husband that the truth on your party. The main thing that methods and a way of belief did not hurt its feelings, then everything will be as it should be.

It is required to you

  • Patience
  • Gift of persuasion
  • Ability to think strategically
  • Support of children
  • Forgiving heart


1. To convince the husband, surely be persistent. But at the same time try not to offend him feelings and a self-assessment. Remember that you argue not to swear but because you have the excellent point of view. Be tender in the belief.

2. It is possible to try to use ancient Chinese military equipment – pretend that you agree with everything that is told by the husband, recognize that were wrong, assume all sins of mankind and there is a probability that the husband will give up and will accept your arguments.

3. Expand borders of the ideas of your dispute. You cannot reach agreement for the reason that it seems to you that your point of view – correct. But present that your husband thinks that you with him are discordant because you do not understand his opinion. Let it know that you recognize the right for existence of its decision, and, undoubtedly, what he offers, but there is more perfect option – yours.

4. Well polite obedient silence works for belief of the husband. Just leave the room in the middle of the dispute. On return behave easy, politely, but you keep silence. Through some time the husband is obliged to give up!

5. It is possible to convince the husband, having used support of children. He loves them (as well as you) therefore the argument "it will be pleasant to children" works very effectively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team