How to convince the husband to stop drinking

How to convince the husband to stop drinking

"My husband drinks" … Unfortunately, these words are not by hearsay familiar to many women. All have stories and destinies, the general one – ardent desire to help the loved one to return to normal life in which alcohol plays not the greatest value.


1. Think what alcoholism of your man is connected with? Most of psychologists agrees on what not problems force the person to drink, and the person of no character tries to leave thus from problems. As a rule, the drinking men have no sufficient internal force to change vital circumstances, and alcohol helps them to reconcile to a situation. And on good, it is difficult to call such men by really stronger sex. But the heart has a will of its own, and if the partner in life was such "weak strong" a floor, then it is necessary to think of how to return it self-confidence and to the fact that it has all opportunities to lead normal life and to solve problems, without resorting to alcohol.

2. Try to approach the husband as much as possible. Let him know that houses wait for it not reproaches-hysterics-threats, and gentle and warm attitude, participation and understanding. However do not justify alcoholism! If the behavior of the husband does not change, then let know firmly that you do not wish to suffer it. Only do not use the words lightly "divorce" and "leave" - sometimes to tell them once enough then the spouse will become an ex-husband. Let the man know that if his behavior does not change, he can lose you. For this purpose live life, you do not fawn and do not look in eyes, do not show the tears and emotions. Let he will feel that with each its drunk return home all of you move away from it further.

3. At the same time try to inform the husband as you will be wounded by his such behavior. Only not tears and hysterics, but the constructive quiet reasoned conversation. Do not start a conversation with the drunk man, let anew will sober up and will come to normal mood. At once be ready to what such sentimental conversations will be required very much. Explain to the man that he becomes not the best example for children which all see and understand (even if they still small). If there is an opportunity, photograph the husband drunk, and write down on video even better, and show it pictures or record when it is in the normal state – perhaps, it will help it to understand how low it fell.

4. If the husband drinks with constant fellow drinking companions, then try to change a circle of his communication (only do not do it too obviously and defiantly). For this purpose give it full-time job, without leaving time for the drunk companies – begin to do repair, get a kitchen garden, giving. Connect relatives and friends, organize joint departures on the nature, visits of cinema, theater, thematic holidays with an alcohol minimum (and it is better without it). Show to the husband that life is fine also without binge.

5. Suggest the husband to ask for medical care, to visit the narcologist or "to be coded". At the same time the most important that he wanted to stop drinking (or at least recognized that he abuses alcohol), otherwise result if is, then very not stable. Also unostentatiously palm off on the husband information on negative impact of alcohol on health (and especially on male genitals and their functions).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team