How to convince the woman

Very often women do not see all problem in general and do not agree to only its right decision. And that they became allies, but not enemies, they need to be convinced, persuaded including caress, and cunning.


1. Start a conversation about your problem. Explain to the woman a problem most clearly and intelligibly. Propose the option its solutions, ask it to offer the options. Begin to discuss together with it all thought-up ways of the decision. Explain it all consequences which can come if you accept any given way. Naturally, advance the plan, tell about its positive sides. In other words, act with logic, operate with the facts, you adduce arguments.

2. If a problem really important, convince the woman by means of people whose opinion is important for it. Invite her mother, the brother, the sister, girlfriends to a discussion. At the same time previously carry out investigation and learn the opinion of these people on your problem. Find the book, article, the website in the Internet on which pages the correctness of your solution of a question will be proved. You descend together on consultation to the specialist in the matter: to the doctor, to the lawyer, to the psychoanalyst, etc.

3. If the problem does not demand resolute actions, try to give to the woman freedom of action to realize those options which she considers only true. If she is really not right, she will understand it soon and will be forced to agree with the man. Or will just be tired if there will be too much options. The most difficult case – when the woman will try all options, will be convinced that they are incorrect, but will never agree with the man. Will think that it he arranged everything. In this case do not spend force for beliefs.

4. Often at belief of darling and the loving woman arrangements, caress, kisses help. If the woman for any reasons does not want to penetrate deeply into a problem, versions of its decision and their consequence, arrangements it is possible to achieve bigger and much quicker. If it is necessary, make a compromise. Offer it the action plan combining both ways of solving the problem. Or agree to concessions in something another. For example, promise it to undertake some household chores, to reduce it in restaurant or theater, to buy something.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team