How to correct the ladies' man

How to correct the ladies' man

It is considered that men of a poligamna in essence therefore izmenanekotory of them it is not represented something outstanding. Around there are a lot of beautiful women who attract, appeal, wait. At least, any ladies' man so thinks.


1. If to you "has the luck" to marry the ladies' man, and you are not a supporter of the theory of "the free relations", take urgent measures. First of all, try to understand what is not enough for him in family why it "goes on the left". Maybe you find for the man not enough time or are held down in a bed? Try to diversify your sexual life: for example, it is possible to play any games or to arrange a striptease and belly dance.

2. Express the categorical angry relation to such adventures, intimidate it a possibility of a divorce. Try to talk to it rather openly and quietly, explain that you do not accept the similar relations. If no arguments affect it, take more drastic measures.

3. If he values the reputation and it is important for firm, can tell, kind of inadvertently, in a private conversation to his secretary or other subordinate that it does not pass any skirt, and that it, perhaps, the following victim of Casanova.

4. Consider also that fact that if ladies' man falls in love on the present, it, as a rule, turns into the decent family man. Try to raise its self-assessment, you praise more often, you say to him that it the best, talented that it has a huge potential, it is created for great causes and to silly spend yourself on trifles.

5. Find to it a hobby or present the subscription to the pool or the gym. It will be best of all if you acquire two subscriptions: for it and himself, so your ladies' man will be under supervision. Do not surround it too with "a dense ring", otherwise he will escape and will escape from you. But also you should not too "release a lead" - in everything there has to be a reasonable measure.

6. Do not hide the love, do not try to be "the iron lady" in family. If the man feels all openness, warmth and sincerity of your feelings, he will not be able just to change you if he really loves you.

7. Organize warm family celebrations more often, start tradition all family to go hiking on days off, on exhibitions, make together romantic trips abroad. Do unexpected surprises for the man, be not selfish in this question. If in family there is no boredom and continuous trials of household problems day by day – the man hardly "will go on the left".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team