How to create a family tree

How to create a family tree

Not everyone was lucky to know history of the family since the time of Ryurik dynasty. Quite often information on relatives comes to an end already on the great-grandfather. But if to aim and show persistence and persistence, then it is quite possible to make the family tree, without resorting to expensive services of the special agencies.


1. Prepare paper envelopes and folders before you begin to look for information for a family tree. Make the folder on the computer. It is impossible to remember everything, and data are the most tangled and separate. The obtained information will be more ordered, the more conveniently and quicker you will make a family tree.

2. Spend at home audit of old letters, papers, documents and photos. Pay special attention to birth certificates, service records, passports, medal books and military IDs. For each person there has to be a separate envelope and the separate folder on the computer where you will put all documents in the paper and scanned look. Do not throw back old notebooks and letters aside. In them there can be necessary information about distant relatives or passport numbers, for example.

3. Prepare for long inquiries and a talk. Be adjusted on the fact that not all will come to the rescue to you. Quite often distant relatives have no desire to communicate with each other. Be prepared for meetings in advance. Agree by phone or send the letter with a request for a meeting. Surely write down everything that you are told in a notebook or make entry on a dictophone. Do not forget to take the camera. Hardly relatives will want to leave photos or documents, but will allow to photograph them, most likely.

4. Prepare inquiries in archive. About each person on whom you make request there has to be following information: Full name, dates of birth and death, at least approximate, residence and kind of activity or estate.

5. Construct the first trees after you collect all available information about relatives. It is better if it will be several of them. For example one descending tree – from the most ancient relative famous to you to again found nowadays well. The second tree can be constructed on the mother's side, being guided by its maiden name. By methods of tests you stop then on one, the most convenient for you option.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team