How to create family traditions

How to create family traditions

Each family differs in the traditions. Maintenance of these traditions, do family solid and strong. We create family traditions.


1. Allocate certain days for culinary evening. It is possible to prepare dishes from the new recipes, or to experiment with kitchens of people of the world. The main thing that all family members participated. It will promote healthy free communication, the family interestingly and will spend time with advantage.

2. Let in your family, the holidays accepted by all, such as new year, on March 8 and so on, are celebrated specially. For example, an annual masquerade party for new year, a competition of talents for St. Valentine's Day, play annual prizes. All family members with pleasure will prepare for holidays, such actions are not forgotten and induce family to gather even more often.

3. Active holiday for all family can also be made traditional. Set the object for family, every summer to try new sport, organize sports competitions, award winners with honourable prizes. Active occupations in the fresh air, will accustom the smallest to love sport since the childhood and also will do good to other family members.

4. Take for the rule, for example, every month to invite home friends. Arrange an evening sit-round gathering, joint watching movies, it is possible to play board games, mafia. The more it is involved people, the more cheerfully.

5. Let in your family there will be traditional distributions of duties. In certain days someone does the cleaning, or household chores in turn. For example, it is possible to create a Mother's Day when all family members perform all work which lies on mother's shoulders, thus, allow it to have a rest. Family members so learn to take care and love to each other.

6. Family day of inaction can become traditional. All family assembled which is not burdened just enjoys work, study, household chores rest. It is possible just to roll on a sofa, to watch together movies, to enjoy general ""idleness"".

7. Traditional family trips, can leave the brightest impressions for all family members for the rest of life. In a certain season it is possible to go with family out of town, to organize excursions on other cities and the countries. The main thing, discuss the place and a purpose of visit in advance. It is necessary to consider the interests of each family member. Such memoirs remain in memory for the rest of life.

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