How to create itself anew in the relations

How to create itself anew in the relations

If over the relations there is no full-time employment, they begin to fade. And, if to undertake nothing, the joy of cohabitation will not be absolutely. Or there will be some insignificant flashes of light in gray everyday life.

Begin with yourself to change the world

The phrase which is quite worn out isn't that so. However it would not be so popular if it did not work. The first that you need to understand is that the partner – not means for happiness. Happiness in you. And until this lesson is learned, to move is useless further. 

Happiness has to be in you and not depend on presence of the partner in general. And if prior to the beginning of the relations you did not learn to control the emotions - it is a high time to begin to work in this direction. Remember that life is a full-time employment over itself. All the rest - existence. You can long and persistently ache concerning the excess weight, for example, but until you do not begin to control yourself, nothing will change. It is necessary to reconsider food, physical activities, or to solve a problem with hormones. 

Also and in the relations. Take a detached view of yourself kind of. You are pleasant to yourself? Do you always correctly treat the partner, do everything that is necessary, but at the same time do not charge yourself superfluous? Do not justify that you shout a mat every day only because one million times asked to close a door to the storeroom, but were not heard.

Happiness – misfortune

Sort out yourself. What makes you happy that unfortunate. If you think that increase in salary twice by all means would add happiness, make the plan for achievement of the goal. Think what occupation can bring you increase in profit. That to achieve something, it is necessary to do. If you want to lose weight, besides, the accurate plan, step-by-step strategy is necessary. Until you go towards the aim, steps can be adjusted. Not to throw the main thing and not to jump from one on another.

If you in itself are unfortunate, you will not be able to make anybody happy. Because the harmonious relations are to give each other. And what you can give except a negative? There is no positive energy at all.

If you already in the relations, it is possible to try to find a way out even of the most difficult situation when it seems that everything is already destroyed, there is no love any more.

Actually, the love is not butterflies in a stomach, and persistent work of two people to adapt the friend to the friend and to become a whole.

If you in harmonies with yourself and with the world around, you are ready to give to darling a piece of happiness, to make happy. If you are deeply unfortunate and look for the relations, it will end with painful attachment.

The new relations can make the person happy for a while until the period of courtings with butterflies lasts, and then when it is necessary to make some decisions when the rose and candy stage ends, everything will rise into place. Change of the partner will solve a problem besides for short term.

It is happy in itself

The only correct decision to construct itself in the relations is to stop thinking that you are unfortunate because of the partner. Or that only with it you can be happy. Take responsibility for the life in own hands. Stop to feel sorry for yourself and to live in a fool's paradise. Everything that happens to you, for 90% depends on you, and for 10% of circumstances which for 90% depend on you. Become the adult. Only adults can have relations.

If you made the decision to create yourself anew in the relations, begin right now. Not since Monday or new year. Following simple advice, step by step you will become happy, and share this state with the partner.

  • Everything that happens to you now – a fruit of your actions. Accept it and take responsibility for the events.
  • Stop to complain and ache. From it the situation will not change, but there will be a huge amount of negative energy which will destroy not only you, but also your relations.
  • Be engaged in the appearance and health.
  • Stop to idle, condemn and chatter.
  • Men, be engaged in earnings of money, and women in the house. Bring order and throw out all superfluous.
  • Become happy directly here and now. And not then, when salary will grow twice and the press will be cubes.
  • Think that all want to communicate with successful, positive people. Do you like whiners eternally unsatisfied with life which all criticize? Is not present? Means be not such.

If you see that you have a love dependence on the partner, you are dissolved in a love object, to them live, to them breathe, without it white light is not lovely, it is time to stop it and to take care of the own life. You most likely have a hobby which to liking. Begin to study something new. Play sports and begin to develop the femininity, or to pump over male qualities.

But the most important that you need to reach is a self-checking, management of emotions and disposal of fears. The privacy, yoga and self-knowledge will help with it. You learn to live consciously, and then to your partner with you it will be comfortable. Both of you will become happy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team