How to cross the border

How to cross the border

Rules of crossing of border almost identical – customs control, passport control. In the countries with a visa regime - in addition visa control. For crossing of border of the countries of a visa regime it is necessary to address to consulate of the country to which you want to drive. At all visa countries the rules and requirements which constantly change. All will in detail tell you in consulate.

It is required to you

  • - international passport
  • - notarial exit visa of the child
  • - birth certificate of the child
  • - the reference if there is no permission from the second parent
  • - visa at entry into the visa countries
  • - insurance


1. When crossing border you have to have the international passport which needs to be issued in the central migration service of your district.

2. If you cross border with the minor child, on him the passport with the photo has to be issued. It becomes at evacuation of the child of any age. From the second parent take notarial permission to crossing of border by the minor citizen. Permission is not required if the parent is recognized as missing, incapacitated, condemned for the term of more than 3 years, is deprived of the parental rights or died. In all cases of lack of permission from the second parent it is necessary to show documentary confirmation of its absence. If you have with the child a different surname, then it is necessary to have the document on relationship confirmation.

3. At parents notarial permission to crossing of border from both parents is necessary.

4. If one of parents does not permit and against departure of the child he can declare it on a post of customs control or in migration service. Before adjudication the minor child cannot cross border.

5. When crossing border of some countries the translation of all documents on language of the country to which you drive is required.

6. At entry into the countries with raised political or the national conflicts it is necessary to make out an insurance of life and health. Without its registration to you will not allow to cross border of these countries.

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