How to deceive a polygraph and to whom passing of the lie detector is contraindicated?

How to deceive a polygraph and to whom passing of the lie detector is contraindicated?

The idea of a polygraph arose many years ago. Researches of the Italian physiologist A. Massot were an incitement for its development. Such techniques allowed to prove for the first time in 1902 innocence of the defendant. Today the polygraph is used when checking applicants to a position therefore it is quite often possible to hear a question how to deceive a polygraph?

What is a polygraph?

The polygraph is a touch block which part a set of the sensors connected to the computer device is. It is an inseparable complex from the device and the psychologist. On sale there are analog and digital types of devices. The first of them occupied a niche of rare goods for a long time, and the second are popularly used when conducting interrogation of criminals, candidates for some position or for clarification of the family relations.

How the polygraph works what reacts to?

Polygraph this psychophysiological research. The device consists from:

  • the sensors controlling data of a psychophysiological condition of an organism of the examinee;
  • The COMPUTER making record and data processing from lie detector sensors;
  • the output device in the form of an oscillograph, the printer, the monitor screen for removal of information obtained by sensors on the chart.

The detector defines and fixes microstresses at the examinee. Sensors fasten to such places on a human body where it is possible to reveal distinctly a psychophysical condition of an organism, changes:

  • breath in a thorax;
  • breath in an abdominal cavity;
  • conductivity of skin;
  • krovenapolneniye in peripheral vessels;
  • warm rhythm.

After the device is installed, begin to ask the examinee questions. At first ask simple questions for check of the equipment. It can be questions of a name, a surname, the birthplace, marital status. On the answer 15-20 seconds are given that allows to think before the answer. After the polygraphologist begins to understand how the device reacts to "honest" answers, he unawares begins to ask the main questions. During the procedure the condition of an organism to the answer is fixed, during its pronouncing and later.

What is the polygraph dangerous by?

The polygraph is the medicobiological device capable to record psychophysiological splash and reaction of a human body. Successfully to pass the lie detector it is necessary not only to perfectly know the emotions, but also to operate a warm rhythm, blood vessels. That is why the polygraphologist before carrying out test is always interested whether is at a test contraindication on health.

The device closely interacts with subconsciousness: the emotions, memoirs endured by stresses. The main danger of the device consists in it. Though it physically does not influence the person in any way, it can provoke emergence:

  • hysterics;
  • heart attack;
  • nervous attack;
  • epilepsies;
  • abortion;
  • asthmatic attack.

Who cannot pass a polygraph for health reasons?

According to the existing law on at what diseases it is impossible to pass a polygraph, have the right to refuse passing of the lie detector the citizens suffering:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • cold with a severe cough and cold;
  • warmly vascular diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • strong alcoholic intoxication;
  • drug addiction;
  • deviations of mental activity;
  • damage of the central nervous system;
  • mental or physical exhaustion;
  • pain syndrome;
  • pregnancy (the fruit also experiences emotions in the form of fear, nervousness that is immediately fixed by the device);
  • epileptic seizures.

What cannot be done before a polygraph?

The forthcoming check on a polygraph causes a stress, fear in many people even if the person is going to tell only the truth. Such state arises because of ignorance of the principles of operation of the device, fear to get on a lie. That is why many people ask how to be prepared for passing of the lie detector and that cannot be done before a polygraph:

  1. Do not try to foresee test questions, it can cause self-condemnation, excessive concern.
  2. Have a rest, thanks to good health, physiological reactions will be the most exact.
  3. Do not perceive day of check as something special. Begin morning with jog, cups of coffee.
  4. Do not accept any medicines, only if they were not prescribed to you by the doctor, otherwise antidepressants will distort results of check.

Whether it is possible to deceive a polygraph?

Whether it is possible to deceive a polygraph? Yes, it is possible. Finding out how to go a polygraph without problems, it can be done, for example, by means of a simple pokusyvaniye of language and the caused tension in legs, the mental account of sheep. Each of these actions will cause physiological reactions which will be at once recorded by the device. The mental account will prevent the examinee to comprehend up to the end asked question that will result in uncertain result.

Stories the case with unfairly condemned Fae Floyd was remembered. After unsuccessful passing of check on a polygraph it was condemned for murder which he did not commit, and only several years later the truth emerged outside. Floyd decided to revenge offenders and became the true expert in the field of testing on a polygraph. It trained prisoners who admitted to it crime commission how to deceive a polygraph therefore the most part of criminals managed to pass the lie detector, them found not guilty.

Ways to deceive a polygraph

There are several ways how to deceive the lie detector:

  1. Decrease in sensitivity of touch analyzers. For this purpose a day before check drink a number of alcohol. In day of check your reactions will be slowed a little down, and the polygraph will not be able to yield exact result.
  2. Medicamentous means. Before their application it is important to know and understand well reaction of the organism to "chemistry". So, if the examinee for the first time accepted psychotropic substances, he for want of habit can begin to behave not adequately that will be noticed immediately by the polygraphologist.
  3. Not chemical way. For this purpose it is necessary not to sleep within several days. But it is worth remembering that the experienced polygraphologist will always notice such state.
  4. Control of emotions. Important not only to be able to give the necessary reaction to a question, but also to control a facial expression.
  5. Physiological reactions. For example, some, in attempt to counteract a polygraph, guessed to put in a boot under a leg thumb the button. When pressing the pain causes false reaction.


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