How to decide on parting

How to decide on parting

It is almost always sick and difficult to break off the relations even if it is clear that it is impossible to avoid it. The fear of uncertainty, fear torments that without man it will be even worse, than with it, unwillingness to make up the mind to so stump. General plans, friends, memoirs – all that heart will disturb for a long time weigh. However if you decided to leave – do not delay with parting.

Looking at the past, we quite often put on pink glasses and we cannot understand why we were unhappy. Preparing for parting, people quite often begin to idealize the partners and as a result cannot decide on break in relations. Does not matter what reason forced you to choose parting, but not joint life. If this reason was and it was rather serious, decide. Remind yourself of the unpleasant moments, of what irritates you in the partner, and especially about what constantly pushes you to parting. Take off pink glasses.

Perhaps, you will be frightened by prospect to remain alone. However if such fear arises, think of what you lose, maintaining the relations which you want to break off. Perhaps, you are waited by other person – the one who will love, the one who will be able to make you really happy. Do not lose an opportunity to become free and to find true love. Yes, parting is a loss, however it and chance of finding, the price of future happiness. You do not leave with happiness, and on the contrary, go to it.

Deciding on parting, it is very important to understand that time spent with the person was not in vain. You got valuable experience, endured many both the bad, and good moments, learned something, learned something. Accept it with gratitude. Being constantly tormented because of offense and fault, you will not be able easily to begin new life therefore accept endured and release the person, allow it to go the own way. Let between you there will be no more half-words. If you consider that you are guilty of something – sincerely ask forgiveness, but do not justify. Just tell that it is a pity to you.

Quite often we cannot leave the partner with whom spent several months or even years as we are afraid that it will be difficult for it to endure a gap. It is not necessary to be tormented with sense of guilt. Do not arrange long farewells: a short last conversation without reproaches and the more so without scandals will be quite enough. Putting an end, you do not burn all the boats, and in the future if there is a need, will be able to return again to that whom you leave and to begin all over again.

And, at last, to endure a difficult period of life, you can begin to keep a diary. Trust it the doubts, emotions, fears, ask to yourself questions and look for answers. Such silent conversation will help you easier to be solved on parting and to endure it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team