How to defeat the husband's mistress

How to defeat the husband's mistress

If you learned about treason of the husband, but do not want ""to give"" him to other woman, reconsider your family relations, try to understand the reason of such behavior of the man. You need to take a detached view of yourself, fading of the husband to you as to the woman can be the cause.

1. Do not make scandal to the husband as soon as you learn about appearance at it of the mistress and especially you should not kick him out with a suitcase. Think that your competitor, perhaps, only also waits for it. And when your spouse will appear in her tenacious hands, she will surround him with that warmth and love which, perhaps, lacked it in your relations. It will not help you to return the former relations but only will destroy what else can be kept.

2. Start a conversation only after a while, in couple of days when you are able to calm down and soberly to estimate all event. Discuss with it why there was a treason and whether it is possible to correct a situation, having broken off finally the relations with other woman. To Pogovorta about what you would like to see your joint life.

3. Persuade the spouse to be sent together on leave and carry out second ""honeymoon"". Do not remember treason at all and do not reproach to the husband at this time. Try to return romanticism and ease to your relations better: walk on the seashore at night, having joined hands, you go to cafe, to dances, at cinema, organize romantic appointments. Try to restore what was lost because of household problems and a habit.

4. Take a detached view of yourself. If the mistress is young and has a good figure, then you should take care of the own life too: try to lose weight, tighten muscles, register to the pool or in start going to gym. Buy some sexual dress. After all, you go to beauty shop and change color or length of hair. Do everything possible that the spouse had to you interest again, desire to be with you, to win you.

5. Develop as the personality, find for yourself some interesting occupation: dances, sport, yoga. Be not obsessed only with house efforts and life. The woman who washes the dishes eternally or erases, not well-groomed and exhausted in the dressing washed-off gown will hardly be able to attract sexual interest of the second half. The wife should not be dissolved completely in family (husband, children). She has to seek to be the self-sufficient and interesting person if wants to hold near itself darling.

6. Avoid boredom and the ordinary in the relations. You should not spend every day at home in front of the TV, and each day off with a chopper at the dacha. To go more often with the husband to cafe, theaters, cinema. Do not forget to note yours with it dates: day of wedding, first appointment or kiss, etc.

7. Be tolerant and tender, take care and understanding. The man will always have a desire to return to the clean and cozy house where wait for it where the tasty dinner where there live his dearest people (wife and children) is made.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team