How to define that I am pleasant to the man

How to define that I am pleasant to the man

To define that you are pleasant to the man it is possible by means of a sign language. On average men use about ten gestures, and women apply about fifty two. You represent how men simplify to us life. Now about gestures.


1. If the woman externallyof like to the man, his eyebrow involuntarily begins to rise and fall. It lasts no more than a second, but remains a sure sign that you were pleasant to it.

2. If it is pleasant to the man that he sees, his lips begin to be slightly opened involuntarily, and nostrils slightly extend. Everything listed above gives to the face friendly expression.

3. If you were pleasant to it, then it begins to do attempts to draw your attention. At each man it is shown differently. Some begin to behave is noisy, to joke, gesticulate, to laugh loudly. Others on the contrary will step aside silently from the friends. All of them want to show you the identity.

4. If the tie or the jacket began to correct – it means that he wants to look good for you. Says about it also the fact that he at your presence begins to correct socks. It is actually 100 percentage indicator that you are pleasant to it, and he tries to look accurately and better in everything.

5. He tousled or, on the contrary, smoothes the hair. It depends on style of his hairstyle. Men do it involuntarily that in your eyes to look excellent.

6. If during the conversation it often touches the person, rubs a chin or a cheek, or, perhaps, touches the eyes, he shows interest in you. When someone is pleasant to us, our skin becomes more sensitive and to touch it it gives pleasure.

7. If going near you, the man puts a hand to you on a back or a shoulder, then these gestures designate that he does not want to lose you. Such gestures not always speak about good education, but nevertheless, they show interest to you from the man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team