How to define that it are pleasant to the woman

How to define that it are pleasant to the woman

What the woman tells and what she thinks of, coincides extremely seldom. But nonverbal signals can tell a lot of interesting, the main thing is to be able to do them to read. Only you remember, signals have to be repeating. The one-time gesture practically means nothing.

Contact of hair

Researches of nonverbal signals are conducted more than forty years. And there were never contradictions. Touch to hair - sign of sympathy. Stroking of hair, turning of a lock on a finger, tilting of hair back - here those gestures which you need to wait and try to obtain. And here stroking of the basis of a neck - bad sign. It is boring for it.

The girl licks lips

It means that you on a right way. So the girl shows the interest.

It is teased

Pins up, puts out the tongue, jokes - it is reaction check. And it is frequent even unconscious. She wants to see your reaction, naturally, positive. It can sometimes be even an appeal to more active actions. ""Well! Give! Act!""

Moves closer closer

You precisely are pleasant to it! It lets in you personal space. The closer it drew near, the sympathy is deeper. Listen to the feelings if you feel uncomfortablly, then, maybe, not so it also is pleasant to you. And here if you come nearer, and it is removed, recedes on a step backwards, then you are not so lucky. It is necessary to try other ways to win its arrangement.

Tells everything

The more she gives information to you, the better belongs. We share with close people not only useful information, and everything that at heart even if it is trifles. Especially as to the girl are much more inclined to stir, than men. And if she shares food from the plate - can mentally applaud yourself, you subdued it. And here if you hear in reply Ugu, ""Aha"", ""Great"", then your chances are not high.

Open pose

The girl sits skestiv legs and hands on a breast, muffles up in a jacket or turns to you a semi-side semi-back? It is not an open pose. To it with you it is not good, she does not feel safe. And here the turn of the head and all body in your party, broad gestures hands is said that it likes this communication.

Inclines the head and smiles

She wants to you it will be pleasant, unambiguously! One of favourite coquettish women's gestures. Means, you act truly, continue in the same spirit.

Imitation of your gestures

When we repeat after someone its movements and words, it is sign of huge sympathy. It creates feeling of relationship of souls, unities of thoughts. Women so do when want to be pleasant. Sometimes it is even conscious. Be careful! Perhaps this lady intentionally wants to mislead you concerning the power of the feelings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team