How to define that she is in love

How to define that she is in love

When in private life of the girl there are changes, it is always noticeable: her eyes light up, the mood improves, she begins to smile more often. There is a set of methods to define whether you are pleasant to her. Antiquated ways as, for example, guessing on a camomile, by itself, will not give the correct answer. It is not difficult to learn the truth at all, it is enough to take a detached view of her behavior.

1. The most elementary in behavior are frequent confusions, awkward situations, hitches. The more it occurs at your presence, the stronger you influence it, just being nearby.

2. The hands reaching for the person, frequent correction of a hairstyle, a potiraniye of a forehead and many other things are thus the girl draws attention to herself. Besides the hand can be raised that marks out some features of a figure.

3. Psychologists say that close hands on a breast – it the sign of sympathy supposedly the girl attracts you to herself in embraces. But about this gesture also other opinion reigns: other erudite experts proved that the person thus is closed from the interlocutor, shows the negative. In a word, this gesture is ambiguous, it needs to be considered in the context of a situation in which you appeared.

4. An important component – eyes. Very many people, including girls, consider that it is possible to determine character of the person by eyes. Also eyes – a right indicator of emotions. If she often looks to you in the face, so you attracted interest.

5. The girl's bearing speaks about much. If the person is pleasant to it, it straightens a back, thereby betraying itself a "presentable" look, marking out the beauty.

6. If she listens carefully to everything that you tell, rubbing at the same time wrists or correcting clothes, often gets phone, you also attract considerable interest of it.

7. Any, even the most ridiculous joke causes laughter. This laughter arises not because that told successfully joked, and from adrenaline emission. There is it when the person to whom she is not indifferent is near.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team