How to define that the girl fell in love

How to define that the girl fell in love

If the girl in private life has any changes, it becomes always noticeable: it sunbathes eyes, the mood improves, she smiles more often. Many ways of definition of the fact that the girl fell in love are known or someone strongly is pleasant to her. To get to the truth it is absolutely easy, rather simple to take a detached view of her behavior.


1. Pay attention to the most elementary changes in behavior of the girl in love – awkward situations, frequent confusions, hitches. The more such reactions occurs in the presence of an object of her adoration, the stronger this person influences her, just being nearby.

2. Try to notice tricks by means of which the girl tries to draw attention to herself: often corrects a hairstyle, pulls hands to the person, rubs a forehead and so forth. The hand can be also raised, thus some features of a figure are distinguished.

3. Remember the statement of psychologists that the hands closed on a breast are the sign of sympathy. Thus the girl attracts the man in embraces to herself. However reigns as well other opinion on this gesture: by other erudite experts it was proved that thus the person is closed from the interlocutor and shows concerning him the negative. In a word, this gesture is not unambiguous, and it needs to be considered and estimated in the context of a specific situation.

4. Do not forget about the eyes which are very important component. Many people are convinced that, having glanced in eyes of the person, it is possible to define lines of his character and a thought. Except that eye are considered as a right indicator of emotions. If the girl often looks in the face to the interlocutor, so he was of particular interest at it.

5. Look at the girl's bearing – she speaks about much. If the young man is pleasant, the girl will hold a back very directly. Estimate how the girl listens carefully to everything that she is told. If attention to the person and, at the same time, wrists are rubbed, the clothes − often recover mean, the girl shows great interest in the interlocutor.

6. Remember that even the most ridiculous joke always causes laughter which arises generally from adrenaline emission, but not from the wit speaking. It occurs when near the girl there is a person to whom she unevenly breathes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team