How to define that the husband changes you

How to define that the husband changes you

Starting a family, we even cannot assume a thought that through some time problems, quarrels, insults, mutual reproaches and charges will begin, we cannot present that the beloved husband will begin to change. Flying in clouds, not accepting reality, it is possible to be tormented and suffer in guesses. But, there is a number of factors which indicates what the husband changes you.


1. Analyze, what is the time the husband will see off at work. You are sure that he it is valid at work? Or there are suspicions? A late meeting, a sudden business trip, the prolonged quarterly report – it is necessary to pay attention to these moments at once. If shortly before it the spouse was not so loaded at work.

2. Look narrowly at his appearance. He became younger to look? Wrinkles were smoothed and the belt was tightened? It began to select more carefully clothes, cologne, replaced a hairstyle? Alas, most likely here smells slightly of obvious treason if the husband did not show much interest in the appearance before and was not obsessed with it.

3. Try to check its expenses. Money disappears it is unknown where? Perhaps, it spends money for gifts for the passion if, of course, he was not fond of a game in casino or lottery club.

4. Observe whether the spouse when you ask him at first sight elementary questions is nervous. If on a question: "when you will arrive home", it begins to take eyes aside and to nervously finger a button, answering: "expensive, I most likely will be late", a conclusion is obvious – it hides something from you.

5. Remember when last time you had an intimate proximity. Did you plunge into work, without noticing anything around, and just now realize what you had it long ago? Maybe from your caresses the husband constantly waves away, writing off everything for fatigue, a headache, nervous tension? Perhaps, you irritate him, and this irritation is so obvious that it cannot be hidden?

6. Listen to the female intuition, to the heart. It should not deceive you. If you have the indisputable evidence that the husband changes you, do not act rashly. Try to understand, perhaps, to forgive (depending on a situation). Think that, perhaps, you are guilty of treason of the spouse. Comprehend that from now on not to allow a similar situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team