How to define that the person lies?

How to define that the person lies?

They say that when the person lies, it is very noticeable. But not always it quite so. There is a set of the most various signs of lies to which it is possible just not to pay attention and vice versa – signs of constraint, shyness or fear which can be taken with ease for signs of lies. Human emotions and their expression by means of a mimicry – not the most exact science because after all all people different, behave differently and emotions express in many respects variously though is, of course, and some common features which can be used as the management. As to define that the person lies on what signs?

Signs that the person lies

  1. Look. Running or, on the contrary, too the stare in eyes can be sign that the person lies. Also, when we lie, subconsciously we begin to blink more often. Useful will be to observe also behind the movement of eyes of the interlocutor. If he looks in the direction on the left – up, then he composes the answer, but does not speak about events which really took place to be, that is – lies.
  2. Words. One of ways of how to check lies the person or not, - to listen carefully to the interlocutor. And not only what he tells, but also how he tells it will be important. Usually liars answer questions and pauses between words at them more long more slowly or on the contrary the reply will be too prompt and harmonious – in advance thought over and rehearsed. It should be noted also such extremes as excessive monotony of the answer and its not less excessive specification. Both can be sign of lies. By the way, if to say about how to understand that the person lies on correspondence, then it is worth paying attention to creation of phrases. If they look somehow atypically, more well-groomed or on the contrary, then it can be sign of a lie.
  3. Movements and mimicry. How to learn that the person lies on the person, it is possible to tell precisely only one: if well you know the person, then you will see that with expression of his emotions something is not right. Besides, when the person lies, his mimicry is late a little, that is he at first speaks, and then expresses emotions. Besides, nervous percussion by fingers, a constant priglazhivaniye of hair, touches to jewelry, touches to lips and ears can be signs of the liar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team