How to define the successor

How to define the successor

Hereditary disputes – the most widespread in judicial practice of any state. What legislatively fixed forms of the section of property exist and how to come into inheritance?


1. Find out all circumstances under which you and members of your family should come into inheritance. Learn from the notary whether the testator made the will what share is due to you and on what property it is necessary to issue the certificate.

2. If there is a will, learn whether the shares allocated to each of successors are specified in it. In case there is no direct instruction, the section of property of the dead will be carried out equally between all successors, but only after obligatory shares (disabled parents and the spouse, minor children and other dependents) are allocated. Not less than a half of a share from that which they would receive is due to them, coming into inheritance under the law.

3. If you learned that the dead did not make the will, come into inheritance under the law according to sequence. If you the successor of the 1st turn which treat the spouse, parents or children of the dead then under the law, you have to receive equal shares from divisible or indivisible property. The indivisible property (house, the apartment, the site, the car) can be sold, and the sum realized for it will be divided equally between all existing legal heirs (including not full parents or children). The value of property is defined according to its market value. If when sharing the real estate or the sum of money realized for it there were disputes, appeal to court.

4. In case you used indivisible property to the death of the testator constantly, then you have the preferential right to it before other successors who had no before the right for use of it. Pay attention: privilege can be exercised only within 3 years from the opening day at the notary of hereditary business.

5. Address the notary (according to the first letter of a surname of the testator) not later than in 6 months from the date of the death of the testator that he opened hereditary business. If in 6 months other successors are not revealed, then you receive the certificate on the right for inheritance.

6. If you learned that the indivisible property enters inheritance, register the property right in UFRS on the basis of the certificate granted to you. You can receive the inheritance estimated in a money equivalent in the relevant bank, having made request through the notary there and having shown the certificate after receiving inquiry.

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