How to define whether it are pleasant

How to define whether it are pleasant

Having fallen in love, sometimes it is terrible to admit it as it is terrible to hear a smile in reply. And you try to understand whether your feelings are mutual or you are stood out of politeness. And let men and women behave differently, nevertheless something they have the general.


1. Pay attention to body language. If an object of your sympathy with interest looks at you, and you will constantly come across in his opinion among the friends, or he nervously takes him aside as soon as you look – a strong indication of the fact that you are not indifferent.

2. If the person at your presence begins to correct a hairstyle or clothes, it with an ulterior motive.

3. If feet of the person at a conversation with you are turned in your party, then are obviously interested in you.

4. If the person often touches you, much more often than it is necessary to friends. If is not present, then perhaps constraint stops both of you. Take the first step.

5. If the smile is addressed to you, smile in reply. If the person continues to look at you, then you definitely are pleasant to him.

6. If he / she is interested what face type of an opposite sex it are pleasant to you, it is a certain sign that he / she tries to learn as far as he / she corresponds to your tastes.

7. Readiness to refuse earlier scheduled meeting to communicate to you.

8. If ask from you or you are given the phone number with a meaningful glance, and then call not on business, and just from desire to hear your voice and to communicate.

9. Pay attention to how the interlocutor speaks, to tone. Men speak exactly and softly when they want to be pleasant to the girl. Women, on the contrary, speak by a chest voice or by voice one tone higher, than usually.

10. If told about you to friends, then they can approach and try to learn unostentatiously with whom you would go on a date from their company, for example, or to look in your party.

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