How to define your obligations

How to define your obligations

The comfortable house is a house to which there is a wish to return after work, in which the harmony and a cosiness reign. To reach it, it is necessary to distribute accurately duties that there were no unnecessary offenses and half-words subsequently turning into quarrels and misunderstanding.

It is required to you

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1. Divide duties into favourite and unloved. For performance unlovedof duties make the separate schedule. It does not mean that in the subsequent it is necessary to adhere to it strictly (if one of spouses got sick, then another temporarily assumes all homework), but so far your life did not settle, division is necessary.

2. If you live in the apartment at parents, agree whether you are engaged in housekeeping in general on the house or you are responsible only for purity and an order in your room whether there will be you responsible for cooking or it completely will become a duty of the mother-in-law (mother-in-law).

3. It is possible to connect to housework as well children. Usually small children perceive it as joy and a holiday, for them any help to parents brings pleasure. Ask the kid to put toys — he will precisely cope with it. To sense from such help will be a little, but it will be happy. Over time your kid will begin to help you more and more, will be able to show independence. Do not forget to say that the help is very necessary and important for you. You praise the kid for any, even the smallest and insignificant help. He will estimate.

4. Forget about such words as "has to", it "is necessary", "is obliged" - it is the direct road to origin of negative association with house efforts. Remember, joint life is not penal servitude where it is necessary to do a lot of most where it seems that do not reckon with your opinion where you have to do everything as your darling wants. Everything has to be based on mutual aid and consent.

5. If to remember that the general work promotes rapprochement of family members and makes them by the real family, then further joint performance of household chores will bring you pleasure.

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