How to deprive of the husband of inclination to itself: excessive female curiosity

How to deprive of the husband of inclination to itself: excessive female curiosity

In family life often happens so that the mutual inclination begins to die away. Mutual sincere interest is succeeded by unilateral curiosity which often causes a bigger cooling and alienation. Why it occurs?

Excessive curiosity, according to men, one of the most repellent lines in female character. If in "candy buketny" the period the man is flattered by inquiries of the woman about details of his life and work, then in family life such strengthened interest can irritate him and even to look offensive in his eyes.

If the woman turns into house "Sherlock Holmes", the man can lose to her love inclination, and family life risks to turn into an unpleasant game in "the detective and running away". The man in such cases hides "secrets" so deeply that in the relations there can occur cooling. Especially, if each "find" is followed by tiresome trial and threat of family scandal.

With the most artful image the quality of the family love relations is affected by "occupation of personal space". If the woman, owing to natural causes, is capable to be reconciled somehow with such manifestation of control, then the man long does not maintain. It or "breaks", turning into the real rag with "accountable" character, or begins "hide-and-seek". Both badly affects inclination to the spouse. In the first case "contact" is exhausted by "report" then simplification and loss of interest in full communication follows. In the second – the passion so sometimes overflows mentality of the man that it can end with an extramarital affair where it is not controlled, and accept without conditions and unpleasant consequences.

You should not consider "through magnifying glass" everything that is connected with the husband: fellow workers, friends, relatives. Especially sharply men react to various ironical comments to people, occupations, acts. Remarks are in this respect perceived watchfully, and sometimes – is painful.

If the wife begins to criticize relatives, the husband's friends, his hobby for a computer game or other hobby, to interfere with working or creative processes, with intention to give everything the assessment and to express negative or derisive opinion – the man is instinctively protected or discharged. The trust to the wife, to her words, estimates, in such cases decreases, instead the feeling of irritation and danger increases.

To wound male self-esteem intentionally and regularly – means, to consciously destroy intimacy. If the wife criticizes and "philosophize" apropos and without cause – the man will cease to share with her information which considers important for himself. The circle of the general for both subjects can come down to a family life and weather. In communication the destructive boredom will set in, the relations will become tense. The emotional bond will weaken – and together with it also the physical inclination will weaken.

If "criticism" oversteps the bounds of patience of the man, it can end with the open conflict, revenge when the discontent is splashed out on your girlfriends, friends, relatives, work, hobbies. Most often all this is followed by steady hostility and even hostility towards the slightest manifestation of attention of the wife towards everything that is in the sphere of his personal interests and communications.

The closeness from the man usually only kindles female curiosity. The heaviest in the relations – shadowing. It is dangerous to stick a nose in its records, computer mail, notebooks and mobile phones. First, you can come across information which is not able to be understood correctly. It is a little nerves and violent female imagination – and unclear information can be distorted and turn into a reason for unreasonable suspicions. It is hard to hide such "opening". Sooner or later the woman "blabs out", thereby causing the husband insult. Especially – if the spouse is not guilty of anything such "terrible". For the man offensive the fact "exposures" seems. All this conducts to the inevitable conflict and pushes away from the wife.

The worst that can happen in such situation - if the woman begins to act, interfering actively with the husband's life, with his relationship with people, colleagues. How many marriages broke up as a result irrepressible wives called by unfamiliar numbers, asked friends or employees behind the back of the reserved spouse...

That the husband felt confident, leave him the right to decide that he will tell and what he – will hold back. If you want "to get" any destinies from it information – in advance be ready that the spouse will treat your methods adequately: to resist and be secretive, and even to lie.

The husbands living in the atmosphere of psychological violence suffer not less, and sometimes more than their excessively curious wives. Such problems not often conduct to a divorce. But happiness and inclination leaves the relations together with trust. Here also decide, what is more important: the atmosphere of love in family - or your satisfied curiosity which, most likely, soon again "will get hungry" and will continue the destructive work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team