How to describe itself on a dating site

How to describe itself on a dating site

The easiest way will get acquainted for today - it is to use services of one of a set of the dating sites existing in network. But that such acquaintance did not lead to disappointment, it is necessary to describe correctly itself in the questionnaire of the website. Only in that case you will draw attention of the one who is necessary to you.


1. Before beginning to describe themselves, look how it was made by other users of the website. It is necessary to make the questionnaire more saturated, interesting and informative, in comparison with others. Surely think over as you will describe the purpose of acquaintances. It can be friendship, creation of family, communication online, rare appointments, etc. What category of men or women will seek to get acquainted with you depends on this purpose.

2. It is necessary to answer questions of the questionnaire also proceeding from the purpose of acquaintances. For example, if you write that your purpose "family and education of children", then "weekly visit of night clubs" will hardly be combined by a hobby with it. But if you want to get acquainted with the attractive girl for visit of entertaining institutions, then such hobby quite will approach.

3. In the questionnaire it is also necessary conditions in which you live as whom you work, than you do in the spare time that interests you and also to see what you expect in the elect. This information usually interests those who wish to get acquainted and if you try to avoid its granting, then will cause negative reaction. If it is difficult to write independently you, some websites offer ready text blocks of examples of the biography which can be imitated and edited.

4. If, despite these examples, all of you equally experience difficulty in the description of, attract to the aid relatives or friends. They as nobody else, are perfectly familiar with your shortcomings and advantages. It is also possible to try to answer the following questions. Whether there is in you a distinctive feature of character? What do you love also what you do not love? Do you haveDo you haveDo you have a dream? What it is pleasant to you and it is not pleasant in other people? What qualities do you appreciate in yourself and others? What, in your opinion, does the relations successful? What are you interested in? What you see the darling?

5. Tell about yourself honestly, adhering to the facts. Naturally, you will want to prove to be from the best party, but these qualities have to you be really inherent. Be truthful also at the description of the appearance. It is possible to post several favourite photos illustrating you in the best possible way on the page. Only you should not deceive and post the processed or old photos – at the first appointment the deception all the same will emerge, and you will disappoint the new acquaintance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team