How to develop the relations with the girl

How to develop the relations with the girl

To meet the girl whom there is a wish to be near and even to fall in love with her at first sight not so difficult as can seem at first sight. How to draw its attention and how to develop the relations - here where all complexity. What is pleasant to it in men what it does not accept - it is difficult to learn about it at the first meeting. Therefore the main thing that you have to remember, being going to become someone's half, is that if you are aimed at the serious relations - you do not hurry.


1. First of all, get acquainted with the girl. It is not necessary to do it by means of any actor's tricks or especially stamps it seems "And you trust in love at first sight or to me to pass once again"? Believe, girls heard all this one million times. Remember that the most certain way to draw the attention of the girl to itself is to be sincere. Better than words "The girl, you very much were pleasant to me. May I ask your name, please?" yet nothing was thought up. Perhaps, it will even give you the phone number.

2. Invite the girl to an appointment. Previously by phone find out that she loves most of all and where does not prefer to go. Any woman will be glad to flowers. Behave naturally, do not try to make an impression qualities not inherent in you. Girls have very good intuition, and it quickly will get to the core of you and it will be not in your advantage. And an impression at the first meeting are very important for your further relations.

3. Do not stop to give flowers and to do surprises for your companion when your meetings become regular, and the relations are closer. She should not think that all your care and interest disappeared when you became couple. The girl at any age and throughout all life with the man wants to feel one and only.

4. You remember the main thing that the relations are not only kisses, embraces and positive emotions. All have quarrels and situations seeming at first sight unsolvable. But if your half is actually expensive to you, at you it will turn out to let know it that you are ready to be ready to do anything to be with it. In it there is also an essence of development of the relations. If you show to the girl that you value the relations, she will also make everything to be near you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team