How to disaccustom the child to hands

How to disaccustom the child to hands

Many parents, trying to calm the kid, constantly take him on hands. In this regard further there is a number of problems. It is not so simple to disaccustom the child to hands. Gradually the kid gets used that by means of the crying he can achieve everything, mother will always take it on hands, will calm and will fulfill all its requirements. The main guilty persons in this situation are parents. The child, getting used to have a good time only together with mother, loses an opportunity to develop independently.

The kid needs to let know his day regimen. To allocate some certain time for joint games during which parents will manage to tinker with the child much. In other time if the kid begins to demand and be capricious, forcing mother to take it on hands, it is necessary to let the child know that now she is busy and cannot find for it time. The most important in this situation is not to give in on children's whims. The parents who met similar difficulties should stock up with patience and iron nerves. The child, having felt that by means of whims he will achieve nothing, will begin to work more adequately and independently. Gradually, he will learn to entertain himself without the aid of mother or the father. If all the same it is not possible to disaccustom the child to hands, then it is necessary to resort to the psychologist. Young parents, in order to avoid emergence of similar situations, need to consider that it is the best of all to play with the child on a rug, but not on hands. If mother at the slightest whim takes the child on hands, then it will be very difficult to accustom him to independent games.

The parents who resolved to disaccustom the kid to a habit to sit on hands need to stack it in a bed before he falls asleep. Otherwise, filling up at you on hands and waking up already in the unfamiliar place, the kid can be frightened very strongly. Falling asleep in the bed, let at the beginning and with your support, the child gradually to learn to be absolutely independent.

To facilitate to itself this difficult task, create the most comfortable conditions for a dream for the child. If the kid sleeps in the afternoon, then surely curtain windows dark curtains, at night, naturally, turn off the light. Gradually, the darkness at the child will be associated only with a dream. In the dark room he will calm down much quicker. Make to the child, at once after bathing before going to bed, massage, with use of baby oil or cream, it will help it to fall asleep quicker. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team