How to disaccustom the husband to smoke in a toilet

How to disaccustom the husband to smoke in a toilet

Smoking in a toilet can be both usual physiological dependence, and a consequence of the hidden psychological problem. Applying some female cunnings, it is possible to help quickly and easily to the husband to get rid of an addiction.

Physical or psychological dependence?

Before disaccustoming the husband to smoking in a toilet, it is necessary to find out why it does it. Perhaps, the main reason is concealed in usual dependence, and, perhaps, under an innocent habit the serious psychological problem masks. If the man is so strongly tied to cigarettes that cannot carry out without them and 10 minutes, then it will be not so simple to disaccustom him to smoking in a toilet. The issue with psychological dependence is much easier resolved if to find out that it causes discomfort in the man and forces it "to hide" in a toilet with a cigarette in teeth.

Female cunnings

If smoking of the man in the house causes negative emotions in the immediate environment, with it it is impossible to be reconciled in any way. Especially, if in family there are small children. The best way – gently and tenderly to ask it to come to a balcony, the landing or to the yard. The main thing is not to press on the man, not to arrange hysterics. It will only anger him, and on nerves he will stretch to the next cigarette. It is necessary to mention surely that smoking in a toilet – a negative example for younger generation, and then to present to the beloved a cup of tasty coffee and to suggest to smoke in more suitable, than a toilet, the place.

The carnation – folk remedy which possesses the calming action reduces thirst for nicotine and also allows the smoker to forget about desire will drag on cigarette smoke.

Psychological problems

If, except smoking in a toilet, the increased irritability, nervousness and dispassionateness is watched the man, so to that there is a good reason. Perhaps it had problems at work, or family life is far from an ideal. The best exit will be to talk to it and to sort things out. When the man feels comfortable again, need to smoke will be gone in a toilet by itself.

Smoking is only a partial way of satisfaction of some internal psychological requirement.

Unwillingness to change

If the man refuses flatly to make a compromise, it is necessary to put a question point-blank. To tell him that the unwillingness negatively change can affect your relations. The loving husband will not be able to be unaffected by similar statements and will surely think of the behavior. And if the woman notices that, except usual cigarettes, the man plays about in a toilet a grass, then it is necessary to sound the alarm immediately.

Unsuccessful attempts

If attempts to change the beloved were not crowned with success, itself can facilitate life, having established a good air freshener in a toilet. It is, of course, not an exit but only temporary solution of a problem. Looking at efforts of darling, the man will surely think of what harm puts to close people with the selfish behavior.

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