How to disaccustom the wife to drink

How to disaccustom the wife to drink

Narcologists claim that female alcoholism is not treated. But it should be notedit should be noted that there is a practice when women refuse an addiction and are forever exempted from drinking habit. For this purpose not only competent narcological therapy, but also powerful will power of the patient is required.

  • Strong tea (at the 1st stage of alcoholism)
  • Independent analysis of degree of dependence of the wife on alcohol
  • Professional narcological consultation for relatives
  • The qualified treatment of the wife (at the 3rd and 4th stage of alcohol addiction)

1. Start a conversation with the spouse about her addiction. It is the best of all to begin a conversation in absolutely sober state. At the same time, it is important to remember that alcoholics often have strong feeling of fault which dissipates only after acceptance of the next dose of alcohol. In this state it is easier for spouse to explain the position, and probability that words will make impact on the wife will be higher. Most often alcoholics refuse a talk, saying at the same time that they understand the mistake. You should not take a word as alcoholism at the first stage often gains effect of recurrence. The conversation is necessary even in case at the time of hard drinking of spouses already expressed the discontent.

2. Take an interest at the spouse whether she had a vomiting and whether she wants to drink a little more alcohol to remove a hungover syndrome. Presence of nausea and vomiting is a positive factor which speaks about an initial stage of alcoholism. It also means that treatment of the spouse will easier take place and, perhaps, will not demand intervention of the narcologist. The absence of vomiting during excess of a dose of alcohol is the first signal for a visit to the doctor. Acceptance of the next dose during a hungover syndrome promptly leads to chronic alcoholism therefore during this period the wife has to take only nutritious broths and strong tea in food.

3. Analyze the spouse's environment, paying special attention to close friends and relatives with whom she most often communicates. Probability is high that an environment anyway provoke the wife to alcohol intake. In this case the conversation with these people is necessary. If understanding is not reached, then the wife it is worth fencing from communication with them.

4. Study classification of four stages of alcoholism and try to define degree of dependence of the spouse independently. It will allow to resolve an issue of expediency of the address to the narcologist.

5. Register in inclusion in narcological clinic and previously warn the expert that you want to get advice for relatives. Most often narcologists practice such preliminary conversations. As a rule, the second visit takes place already in presence of the patient. At this stage it is important that the spouse gave the consent to further treatment. To achieve from the wife of recognition happens not simply. Even in an agony of delirium tremens state honey of service have no right to start treatment of the patient in narcology without his written consent. All subsequent work on removal of the spouse from series of hard drinkings and liberation from alcohol addiction is undertaken by the narcologist. At the same time consultations with family members will continue.

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