How to disaccustom to drink alcohol

How to disaccustom to drink alcohol

Abuse of alcoholic drinks very often develops into alcoholism. The person becomes lost for society and family, for himself. How to help the drunkard to cope with harmful addiction?


1. Show the negative attitude to the drinking person. Do not indulge it, do not justify similar behavior.

2. You lead discussions: ask the drinking person to remember times when he did not drink, report him about those losses (moral, physical, material and so forth) which are sustained by him and people around as a result of similar alcoholism. Prove senselessness of existence in a similar state, refer to concrete examples.

3. Try to understand why the person drinks. What reasons or events pushed him to similar behavior. Very often the collected problems become a reason for alcoholism. Perhaps, the help of the experienced psychologist is necessary for the solution of similar problems.

4. Take free time of the drinking person with various useful affairs which to it to liking. Find some hobby, get pets, do together with it some sport, etc.

5. Do not provoke the person to the next libation - do not make scandals and other dismantling, both large, and small.

6. Do not release the person "to take a walk" when he has a hungover syndrome. It will surely find ways to help with wineache. Use any medicines for removal of a similar syndrome better.

7. Apply tablets like Esperal, Teturam and so forth only after consultation with the narcologist. Not all people transfer these drugs rather well. At inept use of them the organism can do much harm great.

8. Define the person in narcological clinic, sometimes - it is the only thing to do in fight against alcoholism. Similar medical institutions remove thirst for alcohol by clarification of an organism from poisons and toxins of alcohol.

9. Do not give up, do not lower a hand in fight against this harmful addiction. Their children and all family in general very strongly suffer from alcoholism of the man or the woman.

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