How to distinguish love from love?

How to distinguish love from love?

Practically each person wants to feel original love, to find the soulmate. But happens so that having sweethearted the elect, many ask a question: whether and love it? Love and love — concepts very similar among themselves, but nevertheless they have different characteristics. In what their difference and how to understand where love and where love — you learn about it in our article.

Psychologists claim that many problems in the relations appear because of ignorance of differences between these two concepts. Let's consider in what the difference consists in manifestation of these two feelings.

The love is quite deep feeling which comes to people not at once, gradually, with the increasing force and focuses on one person. This feeling inspires, inspires, allows to reveal from the best, best sides. She fills with energy and inspiration, induces to development and personal growth, learns to accept shortcomings, helps to estimate high qualities and to create relationship.

Whether you know? Statistically, the woman falls in love 8–10 times for all life, and the man 4–6 times.

Love comes rather quickly, is even prompt. There is a feeling of strong inclination to the person, desire it to see constant. Haste of development of the relations, impatience and intensity of emotions is inherent in love. But love is short-term, transient, it brings together, but for a while. Through some time of feeling to an object of passion die away.

The distance and time are not subject to true love, it remains for many years, and having passed tests, only gets stronger. Love is fleeting and changeable, noncommittal. Having considered differences between these two feelings, it is possible to try to define: you love or he is simply in love.

This unconscious which feeling flashes instantly, without noticing around nobody and anything. The passion and desire to possess the person are put on the first place in the relations, the solution of problems — on the last (or in general it is ignored). It is a storm of emotions, euphoria of feelings.

Lovers, idealizing the elect, look at him as though through pink glasses, without noticing shortcomings and protecting from any criticism. The elect is ideal in everything — the best, beautiful, clever. Over time the pink veil falls and, seeing shortcomings of the person, the disappointment and feeling of disappointment come. Quite often people leave because thought up to the half nonexistent actually merits.

We advise to esteem also what is the family relations.

Love — is exacting and selfish. She does not tolerate indifference, coldness and at the same time ignores problems and reality. The lover always idealizes the soulmate: compares the elect to others, looks for in him the best qualities and advantages. It is expected that the partner will conform to such overestimated requirements.

Jealousy — unhealthy feeling which speaks about uncertainty and a low self-assessment of the person. At love feeling of jealousy and impossibility to fight against it only grow. If the love gives rise to confidence, trust, then love — doubts, egoism, jealousy, desire to operate and possess entirely a love object, its attention. Mistrust — the main reason for quarrels between lovers. Because of jealousy between them the irritation increases that provokes the conflicts and, as a result — break in relations.

Love does not maintain check time. If for love the separation is not terrible for some time, then for love it most often serves as the end of the relations. As soon as the partner for a long time disappears from a look, interest in it vanishes, the feeling dies away. Having rethought the relations, until recently the person in love quickly switches the attention on other suitable candidacies.

Whether you know? Scientists found out that parts of a brain which are responsible for sight because of what the saying that the male half of humanity is visual, is really evidence-based work for men in love more actively.

It opens the finest in the person, awakens interest in creativity, creation, life. The loving person is always ready to fight for the happiness and to keep the relations, sacrifices the interests for the good of another, accepts it it what it is.

In the center of love — only one person whom the general future seems and there is no reason to look for someone another. Partners live in such relations the interests of each other. Love separations and distances are not terrible though they are had hardly. In separation the understanding of that comes, the person is how dear to you, and the relations even more become stronger.

The love is self-sacrifice, self-renunciation, ability to give, without demanding anything in exchange. On it it keeps, grows and becomes stronger. If in couple one person does not find it necessary to sacrifice something for the sake of another, to make some concessions, to reach in difficult situations compromise — to the relations the end comes.

The love can last the long period of time, despite changes in the elect, separation, distance, emergence of problems, bringing joy of communication in each lived day. The people loving each other feel security, confidence in tomorrow, trust and understanding. Already from the fact that you love someone — you get the joy of the feelings: inflow of energy, positive emotions, feeling of happiness. The true love — is not unfortunate, it inspires, inspires, gives self-confidence, the chance to prove in the best qualities.

It is important! In spite of the fact that scientists say that the love lasts only 3 years, it is not necessary to move off later this time in searches of new feeling. Instead of love the respect, understanding, care and spiritual proximity come.

In psychology there is no consensus about what is love, each person shows this feeling differently. Psychologists claim that the real feeling is shown in infinite devotion and continuous care, it cannot be understood mind, and it is only necessary to feel heart. However the loving people have to work constantly on themselves and the feelings, pledge of the long and happy relations is a collaboration of two people, but not one person.

  • try to look at the relations from outside, to estimate all their pluses and minuses;
  • critically estimate the partner (his moral, spiritual, physical qualities) how there is a lot of at you the general whether there is a readiness for self-sacrifice and so forth;
  • present the joint future whether you see good points, are how sure of the partner in life;
  • determine depth of the feelings.

Important! Having analyzed the relations and having understood that for you it is only love, be not upset. Remember that each relations are an invaluable experience.

Both feelings have many distinctions, but have also similarities — passion, proximity, extraordinary emotions. Happens and so that love develops into more deep, serious and original feeling over time — love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team