How to distinguish the greedy and avaricious man?

How to distinguish the greedy and avaricious man?

The example of his father who in the childhood sought to limit in everything the family, congenital egoism, complexes, uncertainty that the relations with the partner will be long can become the reason of pathological greed of the man. Anyway it is impossible to hope that the partner to change and suddenly will become generous after saves up for the car (apartment, furniture, the computer).

The union with the greedy and avaricious man is an excessive burden for most of women. In such marriage not only the wife, but also children, and the husband suffer. And in everything to limit chariness of darling, his aspiration of all humiliate and offend. And how there were strong feelings to such person, it is better to refuse marriage with the cheapskate. But how to distinguish the greedy person?

Very simply, it is enough to pay attention to behavior of the partner only at the very beginning of the relations. Family psychologists allocate four main types of male characters in respect of the order with finance: greedy, avaricious, economical and practical. And if the clever woman can wrap up features of nature of two last types to herself for the good, then with greedy persons and cheapskates to live simply insufferably and humiliating, and it is impossible to change them.

The greedy or avaricious man can turn life of darling into the real hell, bring it to a depression, development of an inferiority complex, diffidence of which to get rid very difficult even after the divorce.

It is possible to distinguish the greedy man at the initial stage of the relations on the aspiration to possess all the best, but at the same time not to divide received with anybody, even with the closest people. At a meeting with friends he will insist on that everyone paid the glass of beer or a cup of coffee. If he gives a gift, will surely point to its cost and will emphasize as he was generous when he decided to buy such expensive thing for darling. In cafe or restaurant the greedy man will long choose dishes, and then to recalculate the sum in the account. But it will be always dressed "very clean", to go by expensive car and to have only the most expensive gadgets and accessories.

The avaricious man is avaricious in everything, and both in relation to relatives, and in relation to himself. It is simply impossible to live with the cheapskate, he is sincerely confident in the correctness and does not understand why people around take offense at it and look bewildered. Even if such man holds a high post and receives big salary, he will put on in shabby clothes, to have dinner in the cheapest cafe. The miser does not see sense in gifts for darling, he is absolutely sure that evening can be spent at home behind the TV or in the square, at the same time it is not necessary to be spent.

Greedy persons and cheapskates do not give in to re-education and will never change. Each purchase will need to be reasoned and what weighty would not be the arguments given by the woman, in the opinion of such man it will remain the squanderer.

Economical and practical men in most cases become excellent husbands. If the economical husband decided to buy something expensive, but necessary for the house or the beloved, he surely will make it. And the clever woman will understand that temporary restriction in something is not greed, but profitability which as a result will turn back plus and for it. The practical man to seek to have all the best, but tries to shop during a season of sales or discounts. He always knows where how many and when there are any given goods, and in its Arsenal there are always cards on discounts in a pizzeria, supermarket or boutique, but to perceive these manifestations of its character as greed is not necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team