How to distinguish the maniac?

How to distinguish the maniac?

Safety of the person plays very important role today. It is much simpler to men to protect itself, unlike a female. According to the girl are exposed to violence from maniacs for 40% more often than men.

How to distinguish the sex maniac?

It should be noted what on the first look cannot almost be made out in the maniac's person even if you quite good psychologist. Externally, the person can not differ from the others at all, lead a usual life.

Those who study behavior of maniacs and serial killers, claim that as try, it is impossible to distinguish the maniac on appearance, only if there is no direct threat.

How to distinguish the maniac - signs and a psychological portrait

In psychology there is a separate section studying how to distinguish the maniac, and there is some psychological portrait of people with maniacal bents.

People with weak nervous system become maniacs. If in your environment there is a person who very sharply perceives criticism and jokes in his party, then it is better not to provoke it.

To distinguish the maniac on behavior, it is necessary to track his emotions. In most cases, maniacs have no usual human feelings, they are not able to love or feel sorry for relatives.

In 80% the maniacs are lonely and schizophrenia has obviously expressed form.

Do not meet people from the Internet, it is the most unreliable way of acquaintance. Through social networks today maniacs entice the victims, without being afraid to be declassified as hide behind someone else's questionnaires.


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