How to distinguish the power vampire in the loved one

How to distinguish the power vampire in the loved one

Here several types of power vampires are described. Esteem – for certain you recognize yourself or the relatives.

1. Helpless personality

Constantly speaks about the problems and when to it something is advised, answers: "Yes, but...". And such "but" it will gain the whole one million. How  does the helpless personality vampirit? He tells about the next problem, and advisers – they are donors – try to help him. But he finds new objections all the time until the adviser exhausts. If the donor still has forces, pumping of energy will continue complaints of type: "Here, at me always so, it is constant". As a result the problem is not solved, the donor has no forces, and the vampire goes further to collect energy. The cunning is that he perfectly knows how to solve a situation, but looks for new ways or just wants to be fed.

2. Blue beard

This type of vampires constantly catches all on failure to follow rules, instructions and other things. He can make a set of these rules, and with such exasperation will monitor their observance that surrounding it will go hard. For violation the punishment will follow: public humiliation, deprivation of some benefits, even if violation insignificant. At the same time does not impose such requirements to itself: can be late for work, leave at any time, etc. At the same time to argue with it it is absolutely useless: even if it will lose in a dispute, he for a while will hide, and as required will revenge.

3. Alcoholic

At it like vampires usually several types of donors:

  • As a rule, it is the wife who all life hopes that he at last will stop drinking. Rare respites between hard drinkings are perceived as at last by the begun sobriety period, and hopes that the husband stopped drinking for ever. As soon as he goes to hard drinking – she worries and again gives it the energy.
  • – this role most often gets the deliverer the doctor who treats the vampire, of the code to him it is taken by the wife. It gives to the alcoholic a part of energy too, every time hoping that that will not come any more.
  • As a rule, mother, the aunt or the sister who feel sorry for him justify. They can even accuse the wife that he became an alcoholic. Also it can be "kind people" from whom the vampire gratuitously takes money. Or the people seriously perceiving him a drunk talk and complaints to a difficult life.

4. Careful Mother

Odd person of vampirism, truth? All its interests are devoted to children. From the diapers it brings up children words "has to" and it "is impossible". At the same time desires, requirements and tendencies of the child are not considered – careful mother knows how it is better. From such suffocating love the child can begin to be ill, and it begins to drive him to doctors, psychics and other experts. But as soon as an opportunity to cure the child will really be presented, it will make everything that it did not happen – otherwise it will lose meaning of life. Care of the sick child makes her nearly by the heroine in the eyes though she does not realize it.

5. Efficient sufferer

This is just golden person: clever, hardworking, talented, very diligent and trouble-free. Because of the qualities even moves ahead on a career ladder a little, but will not reach big heights because works not for pleasure. Cannot change an unloved job as is afraid to lose stability. It is similar to self-vampirism, but with age because of constant discontent begins to hurt, and the vampiric essence is shown: it considers that relatives have to be sorry, look after it. Because he reached nothing moreover and is ill. It is a guarantee that he will not be thrown.

6. Eternal Prinze

At school, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION he showed promises: it was loved by teachers, heads of different circles. What it undertook – everything at it turned out. However hobby was replaced by hobby, then other hobby, and it on one could not stop. And already under 40, and he so reached nothing, but still continues to hope for the success. Externally it is quite safe, but is actually very dissatisfied with the situation. He considers that he could reach much bigger if not its unsuccessful environment: mother, wife, friends. Externally his vampirism can not be shown in any way, but subconsciously it is felt constantly – as though relatives are obliged to it by something. Therefore to live with such person not easy.

7. Cinderella

This is the modest and uncomplaining vampire, but only at first sight. She always helps all even if it is not asked, and it obliges people to answer it with the same. The Cinderella selflessly serves all the relatives, but especially gets to family. After each "feat" it exhausts relatives a talk on a subject: "I devoted all life to you, and you?". The family justify themselves, proves, but all the same remains guilty. And sense of guilt leads to big loss of energy.

8. Princess on a pea

This person of a vamprichesky warehouse of character lives by the principle "much ado about nothing". Its most important line – to consider that all are obliged to it just because it exists on light. At the same time the feeling of gratitude is unfamiliar to her – it just recognizes that you were useful to it. But will surely underestimate your services, and will exaggerate the.

All these people are united by one - they make the mass of a complaint to lrugy and do not want to take the responsibility. 

How to be protected from the vampire? If it is short - it is necessary not to give him what he demands, then he will go to look for energy at others. And in general it is better to address the psychologist, chtba to get detailed advice on communication with each type of people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team