How to distinguish treason

How to distinguish treason

Tell, lovely ladies and dear sirs, did not change someone from you? What do I hear? Amicable - mneey!!! Be not so self-confident! Perhaps, you just lack observation.

It is required to you

  • observation
  • desire
  • patience


1. Option 1 (it the most rectilinear) to Get into phone (e-mail, pockets, to put wiretap, to employ the private detective or to see most). Well, options weight. All of them are bad one - you will break personal space of your half. If you find nothing, to you of course, it will be pleasant that are faithful to you. But at the same time to get off sticky feeling of own dishonourableness it will be difficult. If you find something and show to your partner, you in the way of clarification of the truth will give a reason to say to you directly that you are disgusting because you read someone else's letters, climb pockets and that at all ""you never trusted me"". It is necessary to you? And at last, the most disgusting that can happen - your darling can find your act, of anything before you being not guilty. Having understood that your suspicions and mean thoughts pushed you on shadowing, wiretap and preparation of its phone, he will not be able to forgive you it. Also will leave. Question: who will be guilty of all this? You are. Maybe you should not risk?

2. Show elementary attentiveness. Your husband says to you that he went to hunting, but forgot to take a gun (jacket, boots, a backpack)? Or having gathered in a business trip for three days, did not take replaceable linen? Your girl remained to spend the night with the girlfriend, and having returned, at once got into a shower? She began to do a pedicure though earlier never visited beauty shops, and considered burgundy varnish on the lower extremities destiny of poor and worthless ""Barbie""? She pierced ears or hung on herself a half of all available jewelry? Or got out of adored jeans and does not leave a red dress which well hides anything-nothing? All this bad symptoms. As well as in general sharp changes in your darling. If suddenly your partner begins to love that he never loved, to be interested in what always ignored or abused, it is classics of a genre. Alas.

3. Listen. Also listen more attentively. If suddenly your girl began to quote Kant, to distinguish Schubert from Schuman, and sniffed towards classics and philosophers few months ago in general, listened to Timati and Dima Bilan, conclusions can be different. The first - the person just took care of the own life and the self-development. It is worth being glad for it! But if it did not have new girlfriends, happiness of acquaintance to whom it hurries to share with you, it is worth beginning to worry on a subject who stands behind this its spiritual growth and what carrot is hung out at the end of its labyrinth on the way to knowledge?

4. You love the partner. Feel him. He hides eyes. He switches off phone, coming home. Or on the contrary does not come unstuck from sms or a computer. She mysteriously smiles, sighs, long looks in one point, having head in the clouds... But that to see it, rather simply to love it. Her nobility. To wish her. If she is not indifferent for you, you will feel its cold or her lie. If it - your half and its world and interests are close to you, are clear and expensive, you just do not release it to another. Because it is yours. Your darling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team