How to distract the husband from the computer

How to distract the husband from the computer

Dependence of the husband on computer games and the Internet it becomes frequent the reason of family disagreements. It is difficult to woman to understand why instead of romantic evenings with her, the partner spends all the free time with the inanimate car. It is not necessary to make scandals, it is better to correct a situation peacefully.


1. Not skandalteeto for you the computer became enemy No. 1, and it is necessary your spouse the loyal and non-conflicting friend. Therefore you should not take extreme measures and to lay down conditions ""I or it"". You not only will begin to irritate with it the husband, but also show full disrespect for its interests.

2. Show terpeniyezadumaytes why the computer means to your husband very much. The answer is simple, this same hobby, such as, knitting. You do not find anything reprehensible in the hobbies. Ask the husband to spend slightly less time at the computer. And if he listens, use hours which he spends with the hobbies to the maximum. If you watch favourite movies, then meet girlfriends, sign up for interesting courses. It not only will help you to pass away time without being irritated, but also the spouse will interest. It will not disregard your independence.

3. Show to an interesobratita attention to what exactly busy your man at the computer. Try to play the same games or to spend time on the same websites. Perhaps you will be able to open for yourself that that new and interesting. And if in your house one computer, then the husband looking at you will understand how it was boring for you alone.

4. Otvlekaytestarightes as often as possible to bring the man to the public. It is even better if at least sometimes you get out together to the nature. Being as it is possible further from a civilization, the man will be able to appreciate delights of real and close communication with you. Only try to spend this time fruitfully and without scandals that the spouse had a desire to arrange such walks to a thicket. Who knows, it is possible later he will refuse evening at the computer in favor of a romantic dinner with you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team