How to diversify the relations with the girl

How to diversify the relations with the girl

The relations cannot independently feed themselves. After two-three years the former passion will begin to die away gradually, and mad impressions of the novel will be succeeded by the ordinary. But all this it is possible to avoid, raznoobraziv the relation with the soulmate.

It is required to you

  • Paper, envelopes, handle, petals of roses, money, camera


1. Begin to write letters each other. This, apparently, for a long time the way of communication which left use can great recover your relations. It is much simpler to many people to state the thoughts in writing, than in oral. When you write such message, you have time to think over a formulation and the contents. You can write some romantic notes, put in envelopes petals of roses, etc. Let your girl find messages in the most unexpected places. Such romantic reception will refresh your relations.

2. Arrange shopping. Of course, not all men love for hours is pleasant to go on boutiques, besides, it and not to all women. However it is possible to diversify such action. Set to yourself the object – to perfectly spend time. Also start its performance. Gather the sexiest or most amusing clothes and storm fitting rooms. Be photographed in different images, derive pleasure, enjoy communication with each other. The only problem which you can face consists in strict sellers to whom not your tomfoolery can please. It should not stop you, on your way there can be a set of other interesting shops.

3. Find some general occupation which will give pleasure and to you, and your soulmate. Extreme sports will be the best option. For example, snowboarding, mountain skiing, diving. If you are engaged in it together, then your relations will get stronger, you will trust each other more.

4. As often as possible intrigue the girl, arrange her surprises. Try to make so that she did not know what will occur in the next minute. For example, she can tie with a scarf eyes, to put in the car and to travel about long on the city, having turned on its favourite music. Then to drive up to its favourite restaurant, to put for a table and only then to remove a bandage. But it is necessary to consider that such trips need to be made when there are no traffic jams. Agree that to get stuck in a traffic jam blindfold will hardly give pleasure of your darling.

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