How to divorce the pregnant woman

How to divorce the pregnant woman

The child who was born in full-fledged family always is happier, than that which will grow without father. But life is so arranged that young couples often get divorced. Happens and so that several months later after the wedding the newlyweds understand that they too different, and to them not on the way, but the girl is already pregnant.

1. If the man resolved to divorce the pregnant woman, for a start he needs to be prepared for this process and to consider all possible options of a divorce. Well and, of course, the decent man needs to take care of to putting to mother of the future child deep spiritual wounds. Divorce proceedings is heartrending experience for both spouses, and the one who leaves family, and that whom leave, are in a condition of emotional pressure not only during the divorce, but also after it. It will be especially heavy to transfer parting to the woman expecting birth of the kid. Therefore the man who decided to stop the relations with the spouse who is in the family way has to take care of her health.

2. The stress of the pregnant woman is transmitted her to the child, and he experiences sufferings too. The smallest that the man in this situation can make – to declare the intention as it is possible more quietly and more softly, from a sharp stressful state the girl can have even an abortion. Try to be especially delicate. Choose time when your spouse is in good mood and try to explain her the reasons of the decision. Do not raise on her the voice at all and do not aggravate a situation.

3. When about the forthcoming event it is reported, you can begin to act. First of all, at a divorce the presence of already born joint children is considered. If those are available, similar process can be carried out only through court. If there are no joint children for the present, but the spouse will not want to leave you, the trial will not manage to be escaped too, and the judge will consider pregnancy of your woman only in her advantage.

4. If your wife agrees to a divorce, she all the same can appeal to court in case needs financial support of the former spouse, and it is not going to help. The man under the law is obliged to support the pregnant woman and her future child until the kid is not 3 years old.

5. It is the best of all to wait, of course, a little with a divorce, time sorts things out. Perhaps, when the baby will be born, many vital values will change, and the man will not want to leave the wife and the child any more. Several months will fly by very quickly, and at the cost of one mistake can be the whole life, and not only your own, but also life of your child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team