How to draw attention of the girl to the person

How to draw attention of the girl to the person

Most of young people has a desire to get acquainted with the great representative of an opposite sex. But not everyone can take courage and approach it to the first. For this reason the girl needs to be got to fall in love in advance that she precisely was not against the further relations.

It is required to you

  • - Sharpness
  • - Patience


1. It is necessary to show a certain persistence. If it was refused for the first time, then you should not lower a nose and to fade into the background, but at the same time after all you should not be too persuasive. The persistence will never help to win heart of the darling, but also once a week, or even month, it is not recommended to approach it with the same offer too because in this case you also precisely are refused.

2. It is always whenever possible necessary to be in raised mood and to go with a smile upon the face. Most of girls likes guys who always in good mood and are ready at any time for commission of new feats. The main thing the smile should not be too tense or painfully silly. It will only push away the girl.

3. You should not forget about such simple thing as compliments. At the first stage it is recommended to give simple, neutral and unostentatious compliments, some also consider ordinary and noncommittal. A trifle, and it is pleasant after all. From enthusiastic compliments there is nothing it is recommended to refrain.

4. It is whenever possible necessary to take care. It is necessary to agree that after all care can open heart of any person, but at the same time you should not forget that care has to be sincere. Take care whenever possible, but do not do of it a cult, thereby turning it into obsession. Care is good at the beginning if only it was not groundless. Groundless care can be inadvertently regarded as impudence and desire to intrude in personal space that it is also bad.

5. The final step can be considered a conversation and manners. Manners should not be too elaborate, you not the English lord. It is just necessary to conduct it is modest and constrained to show to the girl that you are a well-mannered person. The speech has to be accurate and competently formulated, and it is worth mentioning in a talk kind of inadvertently what it after all remarkable and kind of you wanted to be together.

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