How to draw attention of the guy on the street

How to draw attention of the guy on the street

Judgment that the man, not absolutely truly has to take the first step. If your attention was drawn by the pleasant stranger, there is nothing more harmlessly at least to start talking to it. Who knows, can later he admits, as itself this minute was afraid even to look in your party.


1. If it is difficult to you to talk to strangers, you are lost and begin to be confused, then practice will help to get rid of it. The fear is a natural emotion and it is inherent in each person. But if you are able to cross through it once, then next time it will turn out even easier, you will have an experience. Begin with a smile. Every day smile at least to one unfamiliar guy. Most likely, you any more will never meet, but even this second meeting will leave pleasant emotions. Here you will see, he will smile to you in reply too.

2. Use insignificant requests, appropriate compliments, jokes. Got lost? Ask the road that nice guy. Greet with a smile and an easy nod of the head of men who open before you doors. Present an unflattering remark in the spirit of: "Beautiful scarf!" to the stranger passing by with the fluttering two-meter accessory on a neck. Joke with the courier who delivered you pizza. That you were correctly understood, do not try to coquet very much, behave naturally.

3. When acquaintance took place, continue it by a conversation. Perhaps, it will already take place, say, in the nearest coffee shop. The place in which you are can become an occasion also ("Here it is cozy. You often here are?"), and drink which you drink ("Perhaps on cappuccino?"), and musical background around. Ask open questions, but only those which the person whom you know only a couple of hours can set. For example, "As to you such movie? Now all only about it is also told."

4. Be not afraid to come to grief, you just communicate. Perhaps, and that person who made a pleasant impression on you actually will be not such interesting. Your purpose – not "to lasso in the networks", and just to learn ease in communication. And, of course, you should not train the skills of drawing attention of guys several times per day. Otherwise you risk to lose a side between communicativeness and availability.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team