How to draw male attention

How to draw male attention

From time immemorial was considered that the initiative at acquaintance has to belong to the man. That woman who the first took the first step tried to draw male attention, risked to ruin forever the reputation, having passed at best thoughtless, and in the worst – dissolute. Now times changed, and the woman is not forbidden to show an initiative. The question is only in how it is better to make it.


1. First of all, at all do not feel any complexes concerning appearance! Even if it at you is not ideal. First, and dazzling beauties often have problems with search of partners (not fans of fast, noncommittal novels, but the serious men wishing to start a family). Secondly, one heroine of the science fiction writer R. Heinlein very well told: "The refined beauty frightens off, and here prettiness if its tax intelligently, strikes without miss as the sniper's bullet". Thirdly, do not forget that each man has the ideal of female beauty!

2. Try to be more often in those places where gather men. As soon as possible you come on night-school students to your friends, to theatrical performances, art exhibitions, sporting events.

3. If any man is pleasant to you, try to strike up with him a conversation. Occasions as much as necessary: from a request to transfer you a theatrical applet before exchange of impressions of the seen show. Besides, the conversation on the general subjects, as a rule, proceeds easily and easy that promotes removal of tension, disorders. Very much can be that your acquaintance will continue!

4. To draw attention of men, surely pay much attention to the appearance. It does not mean, of course, that it is necessary to dress up in magnificently expensive dresses "haute couture" or to be covered by diamonds from legs to the head, or to use only "luxury" cosmetics and perfumery. The main thing – that clothes, footwear, a make-up and jewelry were picked up with taste, were harmoniously combined with each other, emphasized all dignity of the person and a figure, at the same time hiding shortcomings.

5. Very important specification: "underlining" by means of clothes has to be moderate, with taste too. Even if the woman has amazingly beautiful breast, hardly she needs to wear dresses or blouses with very deep decollete. Much more benefit will be brought by the modest cut which slightly is slightly opening the top of delights. Try not to look readily available at all! As any the serious, respecting himself man will not want to cast in the lot with such woman.

6. Well, also do not forget about ancient as the world, a sign language. If you hesitate to tell directly the man that he was pleasant to you, or are afraid to make on him an unprofitable impression (whether will consider thoughtless?), use eyes and a smile. This reliable tool.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team