How to endure a break with the guy

How to endure a break with the guy

Having left darling, it is necessary to try to begin a new stage in life (of course, more successful!), without having spent time in vain. To grieve is not our method! First of all, it is necessary to realize that with a gap the life did not end …

  • - desire to begin new life;
  • - will power;
  • - love for;
  • - support of people around;
  • - interest in life in all its manifestations;
  • - refusal of revenge

1. You should not say to yourself that you now are necessary to nobody any more. It is not necessary to feel sorry for himself! "The best, of course, ahead" as it is sung in a children's song. Here you like your tired, sad, swelled-up and not made up person now? Hardly. Make yourself attractive. You will be pleasant to yourself – you will interest also others.

2. It is not necessary to repeat to himself and to discuss with people around what it bad and angry both what you good and unfortunate. Why to live past? And regret people to whom it is necessary to listen to everything on hundred times … Keep silent better and let's express them. Perhaps, to you will give a practical advice. And in general you will be able to learn a lot of new that will be useful at the next stage of life – "the period without it" …

3. Let the guy's things as seldom as possible catch sight to you. Ideally, it is better to throw out them. SMS messages from it should be erased. Also it is not necessary to be interested in life of "former", visiting its page on social network.

4. Do not wait that the guy will understand that he was wrong, and will hurry back. Perhaps, he indeed realizes that you very best, and everything will decide to adjust, but to think of it and especially it is not necessary to hope and plan such succession of events. Lead own life. Let it will be so full, saturated that even if the guy will return, you hundred more times will think whether "to accept" him back. By the way, if he "not absolutely returns" (that is will come to you, without having been sure at the same time whether he will be late), it is not necessary to use sex in hope for restoration of the relations. And, of course, you should not rush to "former" on its first call. It is possible to help, of course, but not to the detriment of the interests.

5. It is not necessary to blame for all the guy and to revenge. Revenge in the form of sex with the friend of "former" is especially inefficient … And in general any sex "to spite".

6. Specially do not look for the new young man – as urgent replacement. Such relations will be unnatural and will bring disappointments to both you, and him. If you after all decided to meet other guy, it is impossible to rush about between him and former. Ancient not for nothing said that it is impossible to enter one river twice. Move forward!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team