How to endure a divorce with darling

How to endure a divorce with darling

When we go to a registry office with darling, each of us wants to believe that the second time it is not necessary to return there. All of us are inclined to idealize darlings, ourselves, the world therefore life often gives not too pleasant surprises. A divorce – one of them.


1. To endure a divorce with darling, you should not inspect on what was. What is made, made and there is no way back. Do not live on some reminiscence, the real life occurs today, now, and it is possible to miss it easily.

2. Do not sort out the relations. As much know, after death the doctor. Now just it is important to release it. Of course, quickly you strangers each other will not become, but relatives are not any more. Therefore leave all offenses, unexpressed claims in the past.

3. To endure a divorce with darling, you should not be fond of free life. You should not seek consolation in clubs and to roll up noisy parties. It will distract you only for a while, and then will be even more bitter. Wait several weeks better and gradually you enter life happy "холостячек".

4. Through some time suddenly will seem to you that you want to return the relations, despite that pain which was caused to each other. But such rush should not give in. It will not help to endure a divorce with darling, and will make consequences which will only be worse.

5. After the divorce with darling you should not create new novels so far. The loneliness will begin to overcome you, to torment fear to be left without love, the reasons there can be one thousand. Ini one of them will not be so weighty to agree to risk. You are not ready yet. Think of other person. You turn his life into a nightmare. You will compare it to the former darling, to make the same claim what got used. In order that the new relations became in joy, it is necessary that there passed time, and pain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team