How to endure a divorce with the beloved husband

How to endure a divorce with the beloved husband

When the husband and the wife, being in marriage, begin not to understand each other, to accuse often of something, to row and swear, one spouses or both think of a divorce. There are situations when the man for one reason or another becomes the initiator of a divorce, and the spouse still continues to love the husband.


1. If it is impossible to return the husband already, then do not despond and do not feel sorry for yourself. Try to cast away all the experiences and to understand why there was a divorce? What became its true reason, but not an occasion? What of you can be changed that further in the new relations to avoid the same mistakes. It is necessary to argue with a fresh mind, without pity to himself and claims to the ex-husband.

2. As far as it is possible, steep in work or creativity. Be not afraid to take overtime at office - it will be in the most effective way to forget and be forgotten. You see off time with the children more: you go with them to exhibitions, to the museums, to attractions, skate on roller-skaters or skates. Remember that it is even more difficult for your children to endure a divorce, than to you therefore talk to children more often, embrace and kiss, give the love without the rest.

3. How to endure a divorce with the husband in the absence of children and work? Do not despair, an exit always is. For a start remove, and throw out better all things which anyway remind you of the former spouse. And better make repair. Thus you not only will forget for a while about the experiences, but also realize the creative ideas and also update the house.

4. You should not forget also about the appearance. Change the image, clothes, a make-up, a hairstyle. Be interested in fashion. Register in beauty shop or day spa for a relaxation. Do a course of medical massage and go to the countries which dreamed to visit, but could not for one reason or another.

5. Set for yourself the new objects and the tasks which you have to solve. It can be search of new work or increase in positions, studying a new profession or sports.

6. Do not accuse yourself the fact that there was a divorce that did not keep family by all means for the sake of children. Remember that children are more unfortunate in those families where behind a mask of successful family there is no love, tenderness and mutual respect of both spouses long ago. Children are happy when understanding, sincerity and the real feelings reign in family. To endure a divorce with the husband, it is necessary to get it together and to start life with a clean slate taking into account the made mistakes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team