How to endure break in relations with the man

How to endure break in relations with the man

Break in relations is always a serious stress which to endure happens very difficult and painfully. It is not important whether there were it long relations or the short novel. It is necessary to find in this difficult situation for itself some occupation, to try to return quickly to full-fledged life, to find self-confidence and to begin to lead new life. It, of course, is difficult, but it is possible.


1. For a start analyze your relations. Think of what role was played by this man in your life. In order that it was easier for you to endure parting, remember only shortcomings of the former darling.

2. Do not become reserved at all and you do not sit within four walls in front of the TV.

3. Refuse everything that can become a source of a depression and melancholy: sad music, heavy books or sincere melodramas. Instead read jokes, dance, laugh from viewing comedies.

4. You do not keep in yourself all experiences, offenses and fears. Splash out all emotions outside. Cry, shout or talk to the girlfriend - it will become at once easier for you.

5. Be convinced of as far as you are attractive. Take care of the own life, do new hair, recolour hair, you descend in a sunbed or visit beauty shop.

6. Go on shops and choose to yourself dresses which were never worn earlier. Replace the image and style, then you will feel absolutely in a new way.

7. Be engaged in something interesting. Devote the time to a hobby or find work to liking. Try to be something busy all the time, but it is very important that your occupation brought you moral satisfaction.

8. Meet friends and lead active lifestyle. You strike up more new acquaintances and you spend time in the cheerful companies.

9. Ask friends not to mention in your presence this person. Try to avoid those places which are memorable to you where you often were together.

10. Be improved physically and spiritually. Eat properly, regularly play sports, sleep well. The physical activity will lift your self-assessment and will improve mood.

11. Replace number of the phone. If there is an opportunity, live in other place or go to have a rest.

12. You do not force an event. Remember that to heal sincere wounds, time will be required. Gradually you find new interests in life and you learn to derive from them pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team