How to endure leaving of the wife

How to endure leaving of the wife

In life there are different situations, and some cause such mental anguish that it is very heavy to cope with it. For example, the wife packed things and slammed the door, the husband was thrown. And before him there is a question: how to live further how to transfer leaving of the wife? All people different. Nevertheless, for vast majority of men, such situation is a hard psychological blow. Even to the quietest, phlegmatic man the thought is intolerable that he was thrown. And if he emotional, impressionable, then it in general is similar to doomsday!


1. The easiest way is to find a consolation in an old saying "all women there are bitches!", and then in alcohol. The benefit, a lack of persons interested "to console" the sufferer will not be. Here only this that simplicity which is worse than theft. As the problem will not be solved, and here that business can reach alcoholism – it is far more right.

2. Remember about other truth: "Work – the best derivation from a grief!" The more the person is busy, the it is less at him than time, forces and desire to indulge in despondency, or, it is worse than that, to despair. And also the less opportunity to heat a grief in alcohol. It is no longer aboutIt is no longer about only about the main work. Itself can quite find some interesting hobby to liking, a hobby. The main thing that it distracted from burdensome thoughts!

3. Whether it is worth working by the principle "like cures like"? That is at once to try to find the mistress or even the new wife? Probably, after all not. The man in 99% of cases will be overflowed by not sincere, deep feelings to the new partner, and desire to revenge the ex-wife, to prove to her that she was mistaken and did not appreciate it! And women usually very thinly feel such things. Such novel will hardly be durable.

4. Gradually, when the first will pass, the strongest, emotions when mental anguish a little ceases, to you it is necessary to analyze extremely honestly and impartially the reasons of leaving of the wife. If you recognize that in it there is a share of your fault, and, above all – if you still love the wife and are ready to adjust family life again, it is possible to try to reconcile with the wife and to convince her to return. Certainly, it is possible not always, and depends not on one man.

5. If the woman stopped loving you and does not want even to hear about resumption of joint life – there's nothing to be done. In that case, it is necessary to leave in an amicable way, having kept advantage, especially, if in family there are small children. They should not suffer because of quarrels of adults!

6. Well, and on the future it is necessary to consider the mistakes. At least, not to repeat them in new marriage if it is concluded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team