How to endure the grinding in period

How to endure the grinding in period

Wedding fanfares died down, gifts are unpacked, the presented money is spent, newlyweds returned from a honeymoon trip. Instead of love recognitions, charges and insults to each other sound. Anything strange, this natural development of the relations. Process of grinding in should just be worried.

To endure grinding in process, it is required to be tolerant to each other shortcomings, unselfish, to seek to understand, to be able to do to talk about problems and to hear. It is only in common possible to solve problems which do not disappear from a clap a door and leaving to parents.

To reach compromise, it is necessary to know the enemy by sight, i.e. to know the main reasons for disputes.

Reason 1: Emotional 

Wedding efforts, celebration, honeymoon – all these events are sated with impressions. After them when life enters the habitual course and becomes a routine, at spouses emotional devastation, apathy and, as a result, irritation and discontent comes with each other. The new joint purposes, hobbies and tasks will help to avoid it: repair or expansion of a living space, moving, a travel in the near future, the birth of the child, occupation pair yoga, campaigns to the pool, dances, etc.

Often found problem is projection of parental marriage on own. The husband is sure that his young spouse is obliged to contain the house in the same ideal purity or to cook tasty borsches, as well as his mother. And the wife believes that the young spouse is the same Jack of all trades, as well as her father. But it is impossible. All people different. It is necessary to reconcile with it and to fall in love with the second half such what it is.

Reason 2: Life 

It is fair to divide household duties equally because they are capable to destroy any romanticism, it is worth charging with them someone's some shoulders. Positively joint preparation of a dinner on the day off affects the relations. Be more tolerant to each other. Sometimes, if the spouse for some reason cannot take out garbage, it is possible to make it without hysterics. Or, if the wife did not manage to make a lunch, not to make scandal, and to go to cafe. The main thing that it was one-time and did not turn into norm.

Reason 3: Money 

Money can quite become a stumbling block in your relations. Before marriage of the spouse spent earned at discretion. After the wedding there is a need for formation of the family budget and joint expenditure in which it is necessary to consult with each other.

It is better to discuss financial side of a question at once: who is responsible for obligatory monthly payments what sum everyone can spend for itself(himself), agree in common to make decisions on large purchases, etc. What grandiose problems at the beginning of family life would not seem, all of them are in common surmountable love. Meet halfway each other and do not forget to concede.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team