How to endure treachery of darling

How to endure treachery of darling

Any treachery is similar to stab in the back. When betrays close, darling – it is especially bitter and sick. He was really dear, he was trusted infinitely, counted on its help and support. It is quite clear and natural that such treachery is the strongest shock. How to overcome it, to worry?

1. First of all, as it is heavy, try to get it together. Anger, pity to, confusion and to that similar emotions, - bad advisers in this case. That is, of course, at first all of them will equally be shown, the living person – not the insensible mechanism. But after the first, strongest, emotional splash, after all call to the aid cold common sense and logic.

2. Remember and understand that your sad case is not unique at all. Treachery, alas, is so old, as well as the human race! According to the Bible, and Christ was betrayed what to speak about "mere mortals". Therefore it is senseless to feel sorry for himself, exclaiming: "Well, why it had to happen to me?"

3. If it is about adultery, try to argue most objectively and impartially. It is so clear and simply: to shift all blame "on this rascal or this scoundrel"! But "just" not always means "well" or "correctly".

4. The woman, having learned about treason of the husband, experiences painful offense, feels small, deceived. But after all it is necessary to think: only one husband is guilty that he happened, or there is also your fault? Let's assume, you (even if for a good reason) ceased to watch yourself, grew ugly, grew fat, remind nothing the former seductress. If you besides lost any interest in intimate life whether you have a moral right to accuse the husband of incorrectness? You are guilty too!

5. If treachery was dictated some by low motives – personal hostility, envy, self-interest, etc. – resolutely suspend relations with this person, try to forget about it in general. Also resist the temptation at the same time to become embittered for the whole world, to become mistrustful, closed, suspicious. Believe, only to yourself worse you will make!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team