How to endure treason?

How to endure treason?

Treason – a concept wide, and everyone understands as it something special. It can be both treason physical, and violation of an oath, and transfer of secrets to the third parties, transition of the loved one in a camp of the enemy. After the incident in soul of the victim there is not healing wound, the person does not know how to endure treason, doubts whether it is worth forgiving treason. While inside there lives the offense, hardly it makes sense to make decisions in a temper. And later, having calmed down, it is simpler to understand how to endure treason. Councils of the psychologist on this subject – further in our article.

If changed you, often emotions read off scale. For example, darling began to show an unambiguous affection to the colleague secretly. Having learned about it, you will not be able coolly to think – all your thoughts, acts will be dictated by the gushed emotions. How to endure treason of darling whether it is possible to forgive - you are not capable to think of it. Under the influence of feelings you can begin to accuse, threaten, to cry, revenge … As a result – you get confused in a ball of the feelings and emotions as a sticky web. Behavior this wrong, not very well, than it is provoked – betrayal of the wife or treachery of the colleague. Before beginning to work (we understand as actions even an initial showdown) – calm down, think the cold head, but do not break firewood in a temper.

How to live after treason?

First of all, it is necessary to splash out a negative – but not on responsible, and in other direction. Just cry, shout in the deserted place, write the evil, menacing letter and burn it, practice boxing or beat a pillow. If so aggressive methods do not help to understand how to endure treason pain, be just uttered to the loved wise one or the competent psychologist. Surely get rid of internal rage, otherwise its bitterness will destroy you from within – gradually, during long time, and it can lead to awful consequences, diseases, failures.

Having calmed down, try to look at a situation with the traitor's eyes, to understand his motives. Perhaps, the person just was mistaken, did a foolish think, did not wish to do harm to you. If it is about treason of the colleague (stole the business idea from you, for example), then try to define whether made it because of minute weakness, or – with malice aforethought. Weak it is easier to forgive, than villains.

And what to do if there was a disaster – adultery, treason of darling? Here circumstances are important – whether treason accident was, or the person for weeks coolly looked for new hobby? How to endure treason and a divorce – it will become a subject of other article. How to endure treason of the man or woman if this person already managed to become the family? This situation – the most painful, but also here it is important to work correctly:

  1. Any pity to! Moaning will not help business but only will do much harm. The pain does not need to be hidden, but also you should not pose as the victim too, live a situation with advantage.
  2. Straight talk. It is necessary anyway – without charges, hysterics and offenses. Force the person who changed to you to feel the guilty, awaken in him desire to improve and gain your trust. It is not necessary to threaten or at once to forgive – just tell about pain which to you was caused, and try to decide together how to live further.
  3. To distract! To switch to other tasks, it is necessary to find urgently new business which will occupy both your soul, and thoughts, and heart. It can be sport, girlfriends, a hobby, education of children, work.

Whether it is possible to forgive treason – a question difficult. Just fall in love with yourself, become surer, more attractive, force the person who changed to you to see in you the new person who is not broken by pain, and restored to new life!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team