How to endure treason of darling

How to endure treason of darling

Even at the maximum restraint the pain of treason has an adverse effect not only on mental, but also on physical health. If after all you have incontestable facts of treason, then take some advice which will help you to get it together and not to do nonsenses. 


1. Try to keep calm. The hasty decision, as a rule, is wrong, and  it is necessary to be sorry about it then. Assess a situation cold mind, weigh each word which you will tell the husband traitor.

2. You do not blame yourself. Your self-assessment should not go down. Remember more often the advantages for which you it is possible and it is necessary to love. It will help to save itself from a frequent depression in such cases. 

3. Sob out and utter offense. At first with the sensitive person (the relative, the close girlfriend, the psychologist). Then, having a little calmed down, you pass to a conversation with the spouse. But avoid rough charges, it is kind of painful to you was.

4. Carefully weigh everything. Of course, to be together or to leave depends on you. But do not forget to consider important factors: the age, presence of children, financial position, affection for the husband. Only you do not sacrifice yourself — then self-destruction is inevitable. 

5. Avoid revenge. It will definitely become easier not, and here dirt in soul will be added. Even simple flirtation with another can have double consequences: to cause jealousy in the husband and to refresh his interest in you or, on the contrary, to push the spouse to fast parting. Avoid dismantling with the competitor, shadowings the soulmate, ugly scenes — to these you will finally push away the man.

6. Be reasonable. Try not to involve in a problem of other family members: children, parents, brothers and so on. Let it will remain only between you. And, of course, it is impossible to sort out the relations in the presence of other people at all. Prudence and restraint have to become your main allies during this difficult period. 

7. Any reproaches. If you after all forgave the husband, you should not rake over the past and to constantly reproach him with treason. It will not bring to good. Your main task is to get it to fall in love anew now.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team