How to endure treason of the girl

How to endure treason of the girl

Most of people are sure that young people not especially endure treason of the girlfriend. Most often such opinion is connected with the fact that children try to hide emotions and not to parade the pain. How to endure treason of darling not to leave in soul of a deep wound?


1. Usually treason girls the young man perceives as her dissatisfaction with it as the sexual partner. Its solvency as men for the guy comes to the forefront. And further it "brings" own imagination. He begins to think that his rival more beautiful, stronger, richer also is more successful. There is a diffidence. The young man begins to take alcohol to give himself as he considers, courage and confidence. If in time not to stop, then such behavior can lead to sad results.

2. It is necessary to get it together, to understand critically, but without self-flagellation the incident. To think whether you will be able to forgive the beloved. Only consider that, most likely, even after forgiveness, your thoughts of its treason will not go out of the mind, you will not be able to trust it as it was earlier. If you want to continue with it the relations, but at the same time constantly tracking down her and checking, then from such relations nothing good will turn out.

3. Perhaps, the best option will be to forgive her and to release, stop the communication with such girl. Of course, the will power and self-respect for this purpose is required. Not to become limp from loss of darling, be engaged in some interesting business, find to yourself hobby which will take all your free time.

4. You should not create the new novel immediately. You understand that last feelings did not die away yet and new communication is if only substitution to the last relations. And whether you will be able to trust infinately the new girl, you still had deposit in soul and offense at all female?

5. Do not become reserved and the thoughts. You should not be depressed and to infinitely torment yourself with memories of a past. Talk to friends, communicate to close people. Distract from gloomy thoughts and switch the interest to work, study or sports hobbies. Perhaps, your former did not allow to visit to you football arenas, so now you had a fine opportunity to reconsider all championships.

6. If nevertheless thoughts of treason of the girl haunt you, you do not want to see anybody and there is no wish even to live - then it is necessary to ask the psychologist for the help.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team