How to excite the guy by SMS or correspondence?

How to excite the guy by SMS or correspondence?

The girl always wants to be desired and to attract interest of an opposite sex. Sometimes acquaintance to the guy happens on the Internet, but also in this case, there is a wish to achieve desire from the person who never saw you.

Happens also that the guy and the girl owing to some reasons are forced to leave and communicate at distance.

We learn how it is possible to get and excite the guy, using only SMS or messages on the Internet that should be written for this purpose.

How to excite the guy by SMS?

In the modern world the guy and the girl quite often transfer flirtation and courtings to the virtual world. There carry exciting messages which at best were whispered earlier on an ear. It is very convenient, the guy can read (and to think of you) in any situation.

Such SMS can be useful to couple not only which is communicating at distance, but also being in conditions when you do not say clockwork phrases aloud — at a lecture, at work, in public transport. Now all have mobile phones, and it is possible to warm up the guy before a meeting just using SMS messages.

Correspondence in many respects depends on whether you are familiar with the guy in reality and whether you had relations. If were, then in the message it is possible to remember the last meeting and pleasure which from it was derived. Do not forget to praise the man — his physical shape or abilities in a bed.

For the messages exciting and attracting to you men's interest it is possible to use promising hints like I in new lace lingerie today.

Whether you know? Female imaginations are interesting to men, but they will never suffer the absence in them.

The basic rules at correspondence on the Internet

At correspondence on the guy on the Internet that there did not come the disappointment, it is necessary to decide for what it is necessary to you. Whether you are going to meet in general this guy or just you train in flirtation art. If between the guy and you there are already relations or they are assumed in the future, then it is necessary to follow the following rules:

  1. To try to be itself and not to represent from itself the femme fatale if her you are not. If you expose a photo, then from what you can be identified, but not embellished by a retouch.
  2. Not to delay strongly with communication online and to meet. Otherwise, having created an ideal image on correspondence, the guy can be disappointed realities. At the same time, if the guy is not ready for the real meeting, you should not hurry him.
  3. Not to offer in correspondence of sexual fantasies and experiments to which are not ready. The guy can become interested in them and at a meeting can remind you of them.
  4. Do not ask him on the past and you do not speak badly about the ex-boyfriends. You should not discuss personal with the unfamiliar person or to tell it about the grandiose plans for their joint future. It is impossible to arrange cross-questioning also.
  5. Not to throw with the messages at any time. It is better to choose evening when the guy is not at work or study for communication and can quietly correspond with you.
  6. Write competently and do not use hackneyed phrases like kisses or sweet dreams.
  7. Try to show the best sides and you do not speak about yourself badly.
  8. Call it by name and show to it interest. When you write about yourself, do not write the whole composition.
  9. If you are ready for the serious relations, then do not expose on social networks the photos in nu style. Such photos get more if are sent in pm, but are not exposed on a public inspection.

Important! What the message or a photo you did not send to the guy, consider that it can become property of others.

Sexual words and phrases in correspondence

To cause desire in the guy, it is possible to think over certain phrases in a conversation or correspondence, the exciting imaginations. They should not be too long. Sexual fantasies on five pages, hardly the guy will read. Correspondence and phrases should not be trite. They have to give vent to imagination.

Here some examples of such sms:

  • You have an excellent body on a photo, it brings me;
  • I like to experiment in sex, it cool;
  • Let's take a bath together with aromatic oils by candlelight — it is romantic;
  • You are such strong, it so dements;
  • My body demands your love, I wait for you in a bed and I burn with desire;
  • I remember and I wait for your caress, kisses;
  • I can present what passionate will be our night;
  • Strawberry, cream, sexual underwear — what dessert you want?;
  • When to me lonely at night, all thoughts of you and they by no means immodest.

Important! Such messages as I adore your hands, I cannot without you, I want right now and similar to them, excite, only if between partners there are already any relations.

If communication goes with the unfamiliar person, the result from such correspondence will not be effective. So in this case it is better to write more delicate hints taking imagination. For example, it is possible to ask such loaded questions:

  • You are attracted by beautiful, sure ladies?;
  • You are able to kiss well?;
  • In what you are dressed?;
  • Do you like role-playing games?;
  • What sexual desires at you?.

It will be also interesting to you to learn how to get to fall in love the guy on correspondence.

Personal erotic photos and video

To interest and excite the guy at distance it is possible to send a photo or video by phone of erotic contents. It should not be done for the unfamiliar person.

Such photos or video are a sign of trust, but there is a probability that the guy will not be worthy it, and will publish this information after the quarrel or parting.

However if it can be trusted, then it is possible to send it beautiful erotic photos with himself. For example, previously to remove itself in effective underwear and a sexual dressing gown. But you should not send the image in Eve's suit, that is absolutely without a thing.

At the partner has to earn imagination. Track that the photo was not frankly vulgar, but beautiful, qualitative, erotic, leaving the place for imaginations.

You remember — in the woman always there has to be a riddle. It is possible to dance also a little with sensuality elements according to video. Before sending, it is necessary to consider critically it and to send the most successful option. Men after all are visual and such visual messages can get more, than hundreds of phrases.

Whether you know? The American psychologist made poll of several thousand Americans about sexual fantasies. Nearly 75% of respondents would like to turn the desires and imaginations into reality, but it was succeeded to make it only 30%. Most of them was satisfied with the embodiments.

Excitement secrets at distance

It is no secret, that now at many people the communication quite often takes place online. To keep attention of the guy, to excite his interest in own person it is possible to resort to small cunnings. It is possible to use the following receptions:

  1. Intimate messages. It is possible to send periodically SMS by phone or messages on social networks of an intimate nature, to share the sexual desires and imaginations. It is possible to use phrases which give hope for the sexual relations and allow to be played to imaginations.
  2. Intimate pictures and video. Surely make previously and critically consider them before sending.
  3. Periodically do calls by phone after which there have to be positive feelings. The tone has to be tender and melodious.
  4. You should not drag out conversations, it is better to make them shorter, than stretched. The guy can get bored behind a long conversation, and he has to miss you.
  5. Surely you praise the partner. Men more appreciate compliments, than a female as receive them more rare.

It is possible to excite also by means of virtual sex. For this purpose use the following receptions:

  1. The guy hears everything, but does not see. For this purpose it is possible to call and begin to tell sweet talks of an intimate nature. By a languid voice it is possible to tell in what you now underwear and also as you plan to be engaged with it in intim.
  2. The man sees everything and hears. By means of Skype it is possible to perform operations of erotic contents besides words. At the same time it is important to look attractive, well-groomed and to pick up externally beautiful underwear, the emphasizing figure advantages.
  3. By means of correspondence. Here you should not fall to banal platitude. Not all men like the description of tendernesses in writing.

Thanks to modern technologies it is possible to communicate easily and even to excite the guy at distance.

Whether you know? Men think of sex twice more often than women — nearly 19 times in a day. And women think of intim about 10 times for day.

By means of SMS of erotic contents it is possible to force it to wish a meeting with you. However try at the same time that your virtual image corresponded real, otherwise the real meeting can disappoint the guy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team